51.2y printer error 5500 code?

Demond Runolfsson asked a question: 51.2y printer error 5500 code?
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🔬 51.2 k printer error 5500?

2 laser error Y Description 0 no color K black C cyan M magenta Y yellow 1. Press checkmark button to continue. 2. Turn the printer off and then back on. 3. Reseat the connectors between the laser/scanner (J74 - J77) and DC controller PCB (J1106 - J1109). 4. Replace the defective laser/scanner assembly. Calibrate the printer after replacing the laser/scanner. Use Calibrate now. 5. Replace the DC controller PCB. Calibrate the printer after replacing the DC controller.

🔬 51.2 y printer error 5500?

MRI scans were performed on a 1.5-T scanner (Espree, Siemens) with the following scan parameters: T2-weighted sequence (TR 5500 msec, TE 93 msec, matrix size 512 × 512, FOV 230 mm, and slice thickness 3 mm), and 3D T1-weighted gadolinium-enhanced magnetization prepared rapid acquisition gradient-echo sequence (MPRAGE; TR 1650 msec, TE 3.02 msec, FOV 250 × 250 mm, and slice thickness 1 mm).

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Check Out the Latest Printers Report View all Fixya Reports Top HP Printers & Copiers Experts kakima Level 3 Expert 92885 Answers k24674 Level 3 Expert 7983 Answers Brian Sullivan Level Have a manual for HP Color LaserJet 5500 Printer?

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I've a problem with HP Laserjet Color 5500dn in my office, the message shown "51.2C Printer Error". I try to do a COLD RESET many times, but still dont get the solution. Btw, X description is shown below : 1 - Beam Detect Error. 2 - Laser Error.

Have a Color LaserJet 5500 printer with error 51.2. Error says to open and close front covers and the transfer unit. Then turn the printer off and back on. That didn't work. Error comes back during printer initalization.

I've got a 5500dtn giving a 51.2m error. It comes up after the printer has initialized and before a print job is sent to it (had the jet direct card out and it did this). The reason I removed the jet direct card was because I did a cold reset

We offer Color LaserJet 5500 printer repair and LaserJet 5500n printer maintenance service in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino. Color LaserJet 5500 printer repair with image defects, vertical and horizontal ...

Code Description 11 The network connection is busy. 22 Invalid argument. 27 The file size is too large. 28 Insufficient memory of the device. 32 The pipe is broken. 92 The specified protocol is unavailable. 100 The device is not

This error code appears when the Printer detects that the same area of nozzles do not work in different Printheads. The possible causes are either fibres or a piece of paper in the Drop Detector or that the Scan-Axis reference is

The Canon Pixma "Support Code B200" error message may also be accompanied by text stating "Contact Service Center" or "Printer Error Occurred". The majority...

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Learn how to fix Canon Printer error 5200.One of the common causes of the Canon 5200 error code is that after refilling the black ink cartridge it still show...

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You mention appying a firmware upgrade. How does one do that while the printer is displaying the 49.4c02 error code? Power on / off disconnected from the network ocmes up with the same message. As well I was able to get the printer into a ready state before (can't anymore) by starting it with the toner cartridge removed.

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Find support and troubleshooting info including software, drivers, and manuals for your HP Deskjet 5500 Printer series

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HP Deskjet 5000 Series Printers - Setting Up the Product (Hardware) Download and install your printer's software Detected operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit) Choose a different OS

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Remember that the TCD_K Value is inversely proportional to the Toner Concentration. If the TCD_K Value is stabilized at 40 or higher, then the F2-40 error code will not appear. Once you recover from the F2-40 Error Code, the MFP’s Process Control will take over and regulate the Toner Concentration. 10 years ago.

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If the orange light is lit and the E03 support code displays on your printer, there is a paper jam. Support codes 1300, 1303, and 1304 also indicate a paper jam. Fix a paper jam If you need to turn off the machine to ...

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Co może być przyczyną tego, że głowica nie rusza? Wygląda jakby ten biały element nie opuszczał się wystarczająco nisko.

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B200エラーが表示されてまず最初にした方が良いのが、 電源を切り・もう一度電源を入れる事 です。

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How to reset printer ink level error on a Canon PrinterThis video shows how to reset printer ink level error on a Canon Printer the error shows as Support Co...

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Step 1: First of all, you need to unplug your printer from the wall outlet. As well as take out the USB Cables connected to your printer. Step 2: Navigate to Control …

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If your printer shows Support Code 1003 when attempting to print, it may be out of paper or the paper isn't feeding through the printer properly. The definition of the terms “Error Code” and “Support Code” are similar, and are therefore interchangeable. Both refer to errors communicated on your printer and/or computer.

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This article provides information on support code 1240 on the PIXMA G7020.

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Reasons behind Canon Support Error 5100. The Canon error code 5100 can appear due to several reasons. Below are listed most of the common causes why this error occurs: If the packaging material is left inside the Canon printer; Any jammed paper into the printer; If the ink tank is not placed correctly; Dust inside the canon printer

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Press the printer 's Black or Color button to resolve the error, then check the following. Make sure the original is placed on the platen glass . Make sure the original is set in the correct position and orientation.

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next in 8.

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Canon MX922 error B200 is one of the most common Canon printer errors. The B200 error often indicates that there is a faulty print head. The print head is a very important part that distributes the ink from the cartridge onto the paper.

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Switched off, unplugged, switched back on. Also Switched on, unplugged power cord from machine, opened up printer, moved cartridge carrier and removed and reinstalled magenta cartridge. Restarted and still no print. When the printer is tasked to print it cycles constantly as if trying to pull paper through to print (however when switched on it pulls through two sheets, the cartridge carrier ...

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SOLVED: Error E05 on Canon Printer Method 1: (Resetting printer). Hold Stop button for 5 to 6 seconds to reboot the printer. Now, it is ready for use. Method 2: (Reinstalling and Clearing Blockage). Open the lid cover from the rare top of the canon printer. Press the two... Method 3: (Replacing Ink ...

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Hardvision Computer Services

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Press the printer 's Black or Color button to resolve the error and check the following. Make sure the original is placed on the platen glass . Make sure the original is set in the correct position and orientation.