7.62x39 ar build...anybody done one?

Darrion O'Conner asked a question: 7.62x39 ar build...anybody done one?
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🔬 How to convert ar 15 to 762x39?

Convert your AR-15 from 5.56 to 7.62 in one minute! Finally. A true “multi-caliber” rifle is here. Sure others have hit the market with the label of multi-caliber …

🔬 Does any lower work for a 762x39 ar build?

In my experience, shooting surplus Russian 7.62x39 ammo in a custom-built AR pattern rifle causes a few issues that necessitate a dedicated lower. For one, the Russian primers are harder. If you put an aftermarket trigger group in your lower and it has a pull weight of 3lbs, you are bound to find lots of light primer strikes.

🔬 Does magpul.make a magazine for an ar in 762x39?

AR-15 10 Rd 7.62 X 39 Stainless Steel Magazine. MSRP: Was: Now: $15.99. Quick view Compare Out of stock. Quick view Compare Choose Options. ASC.

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Helping a buddy build his first AR. Decided to do it in 7.62x39 for a few reasons, first ammo is cheap second .22 cal isnt allowed for hunting in WA. Just wondering if anyone here has any time with a 7.62x39 AR and what the end results were. Barrel seems to be the biggest hurdle at the moment...

Anybody know of any good 7.62x39 AR 15 uppers WITHOUT m4 style feed ramps!?!? Like the title said, I'm looking to make my next ar be a special little snowflake that doesn't cost a shit load to shoot (looking at you 300 blackout, 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 Spc) so I've decided to make an AR-47 or and AK-15 however you want to phrase it.

Based on a 16″ 7.62×39 barrel the following buffers would be a good starting point. Carbine Length H2, 4.7 ounce buffer. Mid Length H3 5.6 ounce buffer. This is one step heavier than 5.56 which would be a 3 ounce carbine buffer and 3.8 ounce H buffer respectively. Parts Needed to Build a 7.62×39 AR the Easy Way.

YHM 7.62X39 marked upper. YHM barrel of your choice. YHM Flash hider/muzzle brake/suppressor mount of your choice (1X36) YHM gas block (or any good low pro gas block) Melonite gas tube. Cason Engineering BCG. Handguard of your choice (9 or 10" to cover the gas block) Spikes LPK. Above is a good starting point.

Getting The 7.62X39 To Work In An AR-15 Once assembled, I ran to the range, excited to function test the build. Testing centered around the inexpensive ammo, with a couple steel cased Wolf and Cabelas Herter’s 7.62×39 rounds using Magpul Pmags and some C-product 6.8 SPC mags, which some had noted would work just fine if used with just a few rounds.

7.62X39 AR Build. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. G. Guest · Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 6, 2008. Picking it up in the morning at Del-Ton. Sixteen inch barrel flattop upper w/detachable carry handle and M4 lower. Already have a scope and mount for it…

I'm going to build a 7.62x39 in the ar style. I have a MAG TACTICAL lower that I'm starting with. I've been reading about the feeding problems that are common when building this type of gun. Does anybody got info on the best way to build this cal and avoid the feeding problems. The lower is a...

Always wanted one, and finally getting around to doing it. I'm using an ARP Scout 16" barrel, an AIM nitride BCG, Anderson Sport slick side upper, Aero lower, and either a Rock River NM, or PSA NIB trigger. I've got both, but haven't decided. I've heard of feeding problems with this...

How Build 7 62x39 Ar-15 This How Build 7 62x39 Ar-15 is quite great, with a whole lot of love to arrive see you right here advocate. attempt to visit and discover it priced fair get a lot cost-free delivery buy. really straightforward thanks a lot. - appear to the several that are entitled to to get each high priced and. But impressed using the purchase and delivery from the system right here. not likely let down that this purchase to the world wide web. excellent service, quite amazed - To ...

I completed a stripped lower and purchased a PSA complete upper with BCG. I took it to the range and it fired my MFS 7.62x39 ammo fine but with extremely light primer strikes. I then tried it with Golden Tiger ammo I purchased within this year and had 5 duds in a row, even though the primer strik...

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