Can i eat cghochoolate before ar after i excercise?

Angelita Graham asked a question: Can i eat cghochoolate before ar after i excercise?
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You can eat it up to 20 to 30 minutes before the workout, Ryan said. "Sometimes if I'm in a rush, I'll be eating it as I warm up," he added. They also recommended eating the chocolate slowly and...

Eating your snack within the first hour after exercise is ideal for replenishment and rebuilding. Examples of good recovery snacks include low-fat chocolate milk, a protein shake, a fruit and Greek yogurt smoothie, trail mix with dried fruit, whole grain bread with nut butter, and banana plus low-fat milk. herbalife24 Verified 490K followers

A big no-no after working out is eating anything that will spike your energy and cause a crash. "This means you should be avoiding refined sugars found in candy," say Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson of Tone It Up. "Candy lacks important nutrients that give your body the sustained energy you need in order to recover and still get through your day.

Consuming Chocolate Before a Run In a 1996 study published in Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 16 male college-age students who ate a chocolate bar before a moderate-intensity run had higher blood sugar levels 15 minutes into their run and all the way through 30 minutes after their run than when they had a placebo supplement.

High in sugar and calories, milk chocolate offers virtually nothing of what you need in order to recharge after training. The negative effects to your fitness results are far more damaging than the...

Depending on how your stomach feels, these things can be great to eat before your workout, but if you're sensitive to dairy, be mindful of consuming anything with heavy amounts of lactose before...

If you eat during the several hours before you work out, the nutrients you ingest may still be present in high concentrations in your blood during and after exercise (23). In this case, these...

Drinking a large quantity of milk before you exercise can make your stomach feel upset and tire you out quickly. If you plan to have milk as part of a small pre-exercise meal, allow two to three hours for digestion before your workout. Wait a minimum of three to four hours after eating a large meal before you exercise. A small pre-exercise meal may include low-fat milk or skim milk varieties. The fat in whole milk or two percent milk may cause stomach distress when exercising. Advertisement ...

E ating chocolate, or drinking it swirled into milk, has a reputation for helping people recover from a tough workout. Cocoa contains antioxidants as well as a nutrient called epicatechin, which is...

Sugary foods like chocolate aren't your best choice for a snack before a workout. The sugar in the chocolate may give you a little boost, but it might be followed by a dramatic drop in energy. Plus, the excess sugar can really wreak havoc on your digestive system. Video of the Day

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