Can you give mice caffeine for a science project?

Trenton West asked a question: Can you give mice caffeine for a science project?
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🔬 How does caffeine affect blood pressure science project?

  • Experimental laboratory studies have generally found that caffeine produces acute rises in systolic and diastolic BP that are additive to any stress-induced increases. Synergistic effects which might pose a more serious risk are rarely found. Heart rate data are less consistent, possibly due to the different ways HR is measured.

🔬 How does caffeine affect heart rate science fair project?

How does caffeine affect heart rate project?

  • It has been proven that caffeine has the ability to increase heart rate by somewhere around three beats per minute. When you ingest caffeine, it goes to your small intestine from where it enters the bloodstream and starts to stimulate your central nervous system.

🔬 Give us examples of science investigatory project?

a scienceinvestigatory project is to make a experiment you have gather information and use the scientific method.

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Sure, but remember you will want to document your data and have a control group and non control group. State your hypothesis clearly and what you think will happen as a result of giving the nice caffeine.

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can you give me example of results and discussion sa topic naming calamansi wine?please.... = Can you give me examples of abstract in science investigatory project? =

Fish science project?

Yes, by all means, conduct a fish science project! I believe in you!

Can you give me an example of science fair project about density?

Fresh eggs are less dense than water and hence will float whereas old eggs will sink at the bottom of the container filled with water. Similarly, a regular soda can will sink in water and a diet soda can will float on water. Water have a density of 1.00 g/cm3.

What is a catchy title for a science project about if caffeine affects a persons typing?

mwhahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha :)

Can you give me an investigatory project in the field of applied science with a cheap project cost?


A science fair project?

i need a friken science fair project

Can insulator science project?

Why are materials used as insulators in science?

  • However, materials that are good insulators can help slow down heat loss -- or prevent warmer air from getting into a fridge or cooler. Several everyday materials are better insulators than other materials. Simple science experiments can help students identify and investigate different insulators.
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The outcome on a project

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Me and my friend are doing a science fair project that involes seeing which marker is best to use on a white board any ideas for a name for it?

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Science fair project questions are often used to create the actual science fair project. These might include 'Does a shower bath or a tub bath take more water?' or 'If food falls on the ground for only 4 seconds, is it safe to eat?'

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how many drops of water can a penny hold? topic: crazy penny........

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can the ball go faster wet or dry

In science how are mice sacrifice?
  • Every day, a technician has monitored their condition, scoring them on a scale that describes how healthy (or unhealthy) they may be. Today, seven of those mice will be sacrificed for science. Killing a mouse efficiently takes practice. You pull a cage from the wall, cart it down a silent hallway to a room that looks and smells sterile.
Can someone give me ideas for a science fair project using 3d glasses?

Do a project on "light intensity minimization using glasses..."

How to do a science fair project project?
  • How to Do a Science Fair Project Get your idea and do some research. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device… Ask a testable question. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device… Design and conduct your experiment. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device… Examine your results… Communicate your experiment and results…
Can you give me some advise for presenting a science fair project for a science fair please?

Be creative and use a display board. You should have pictures but it is not a necessity. You should have the name of your project typed out and put in bold letters at the very top. Then you should have smaller titles like what the project is about and what your hypothesis was and why are you doing the project. Have a colorful background and don't forget to be creative.

Give you an abtract for the science fair project which food molds the fastest?

The food that moLds the fastest is milk.

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There are several science fair projects that a 6th grader can do. A few ideas are self inflating balloons, a series circuit, and how mold grows.

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Eat meat

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A great place to go for over 300 science projects, many of which are perfect for sixth grade students can be found at These projects are all available immediately on line and cover virtually every science subject. All the information you need to finish a project is contained here.

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simple 3d image of boron

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Try doing something that deals with plants. For example: Which substance will make a plant grow faster? or Can plants survive without water or sunlight?