How much to tip butlers ar sandals?

Lizzie D'Amore asked a question: How much to tip butlers ar sandals?
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At Sandals and Beaches Resorts tips are not allowed but butlers are the exception to that rule and most guests find $20-40 day an appropriate amount. Guests making extensive use of butler services may consider a higher amount and guests that rarely interact with the butler may be comfortable with a nominal tip.

How much should you tip your butler? Normally, you'll get three butlers per your stay, and they will rotate their time as each get their own days off. Most guests report tipping them anywhere from $20-$40 (USD) a day depending on how much they do .

Answer 1 of 5: We are looking into staying at the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort in a river suite that comes with a butler. I want to know if the butler service requires tips or if it is included? If tipping is expected for butlers how much can I expect...

In general, roughly $20 per butler per day is about average - but many do less and some do more, and some vary it between the 2 butlers (you will have 2, with a 3rd that occasional covers the gaps). One may do more than the other, in which case a larger tip for that one may be in order.

Butlers can be tipped in cash or tips can be added to your bill at the end of your stay. Red Lane Spa attendants can be tipped in cash as well, but inquire first as some Sandals appear to be moving to a service charge on spa bills that includes a tip.

First things first; all butlers at Sandals are trained by the Guild of Professional English Butlers, which means you’re guaranteed the highest level of service. One of your first encounters with your butler will be upon arrival, at which point you’re likely to be given lemongrass-scented hand towels which are particularly refreshing after a long flight.

Sandals staff are known for their amazing service, so it is to be expected that many people have questions about how much to tip, or whether tipping is encouraged within the resort. You’ll be happy to know that except for butlers; tipping is included, and you won’t need to shell out any money for tips while on vacation.

I generally recommend an average $20 per day tip for your butler team. Obviously if you don’t use your butlers much that number can be lower. If you use the butlers non-stop all day because you want to be pampered you may consider a higher amount. Spa Personnel: The staff at the spa is also allowed to accept tips.

Guests are assigned two butlers who do split their shifts to ensure you have services available about 14 hours a day. In all our years of using butler services at Sandals, we have NEVER been disappointed. All this being said, we tip our butlers $25.00 per day EACH. In speaking with other butler guests, we find that this is about the norm.

Hi Yolanda – When you book Butler service rooms, it is expected to tip your Butlers (you have two normally) daily. They are the only staff exempt from the no-tipping rule at Sandals. We tipped approximately $50 a day (so give or take $25 dollars a day to each Butler).

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