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🔬 What is art and science?

There are two paramount differences between art and science. The first is that art is subjective while science is objective. The second is that art expresses knowledge, most often in the form of subjective representation, while science is the system of acquiring knowledge.

🔬 Can art and science coexist?

Traditionally, art and science have been treated as two separate disciplines, but when they are studied together it's clear to see the impact one has on the other. A great deal of creativity is required to make scientific breakthroughs, and art is just as often an expression of (or a product of) scientific knowledge.

🔬 Science and art are connected?

  • Art and science are intrinsically linked; the essence of art and science is discovery. Both artists and scientists work in a systematic but creative way — knowledge and understanding are built up through pieces of art or a series of labs… Each student presents an element; students also describe how each chosen image is connected to the ...

🔬 Where art and science meet?

  • Science meets art at Stanford

🔬 How can you combine art and science?

If you do not want to abandon one interest for the other, then you may want to consider combined art and science careers.

  1. Architectural Designer…
  2. Medical Illustrator and Animator…
  3. Industrial Designer…
  4. Professional Taxidermist.

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Explain that management is science and art?

Management is an art because many people can't balance getting workers to meet productivity while supervising them. It is also a science because many methodologies are used so managers can understand how to improve the company's position.

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The art and science of planning buildings?


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Why is reading considered art and science?

Reading can be considered both an art and a science. It is a science because it uses the eyes and brain to process information. It is an art because it involves reading comprehension, paying attention, and reading between the lines to find meaning.

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Are there careers that combine science and art?

Careers That Combine Science & Art

  • Architectural Designer. Art and science are part of architects' everyday world, as they design buildings, bridges and homes that are functional and yet aesthetically pleasing…
  • Medical Illustrator and Animator…
  • Industrial Designer…
  • Professional Taxidermist.

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Why is management considered as art and science?

Management is considered as an art due to the resources it own like finance,human resource,Marketing, etc and This is called Science "How you Utilize these resources" As the management of an online wholesaler online,have to maintain all the inventories of all things it offering to the customer its an ART,and how effectively It chooses the suppliers and the deliver the things to the customer is a Science

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Management is both a science and art discuss?

Management is indeed both a science and art. It is an art because not everyone can do it very well.

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What distinguishes science from art architecture and philosophy?

Science exists to explain natural phenomena.

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Why is logic an art and a science?

Logic is the ability to think through a problem systematically. Science was born of logic, but cold logic without sympathetic reasoning and moral grounding is dangerous. Fully informed logic comprises the cold analysis of science as well as the art of asking the right questions at the right time with a moral appreciation of its implications.

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Is there any relationship between art and science?


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Where to buy an " art and science " mattress?

  • Shopping for a new mattress and went to Sleeping Giant and tried out some of their Art and Science Range (Specifically the Gold+ Firm Support Range in a Queen size) http://www.sleepinggiant.com.au/art-science.

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How did mathematics and science influence renaissance art?

for math- they used symentry in their paintings

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Why is management is a science and art?

The science is about human or life while the art is about nature.

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What is science technology engineering art and mathematics?

  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ( STEM) is a broad term used to group together these academic disciplines. This term is typically used to address an education policy or a curriculum choices in schools. It has implications for workforce development, national security concerns and immigration policy.

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What is a combination of art and science?

  • Since art does involve science (measurements, scale, sense of space, the design found in all creation, etc.) and since science does involve art (the awesome design found within the order of everything), then art and science is already combined. Even if an artist is producing an artwork without being conscious...

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How is science different from art and history?

Science is a scientific experiment, art is about talent and drawing, and history are social studies.

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What is economics a science and an art?

Economics is both science and art. As a science it works on economic models. As art, it deals with individuals so their is change in human behavior. The interpretation of models may vary.

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What ancient civilization advanced art writing and science?


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Where do art and science meet, exactly 13.7?

  • Where Art And Science Meet, Exactly : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture One of the great ironies of human existence is that art and science are both optional costs for culture. The intersection of art and science gets a lot of ink these days, for good reason. Art can help us relate to and understand science.

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Is management a science and not an art?

Management is a science insofar as it utilizes statistics and proven methods. Management is an art insofar as it utilizes psychology and other social sciences in a limited way within a narrow range, with certain goals in mind. Managers are not career psychiatrists or anthropologists, but they can borrow and blend these disciplines with the "harder" numbers-based approaches to achieve great effect. The Legendary managers blend the best of both art and science. It is difficult to call management a pure science because it is hard to isolate every aspect of management using the scientific method to test and experiment and obtain repeatedly the same exact outcomes. Until human beings are replaced with robots or computers, management will have to tolerate a certain level of ambiguity, and therein lies the art of management.

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Is management science or art elucidate and justify?

management is both science and art. It is an art because it involves communication, leading an organisation, planning etc. All these are element of art. Management is science because it involves scientific logic and principle behind the things done.

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How is management considered both art and science?

  • Management is considered as art & science. The art of managing begins where Science of managing stops to make management complete. Like any other practice-whether engineering, accountancy, law or medicine; Management is an art. The artistic application of management know-how is evident.

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What is the difference between science and art?

  • Science means a body of systematized knowledge arranged on certain principles. Art is a systematic knowledge to the solution of problems of human life. Physical science like physics, chemistry etc., follow the scientific method while studying physical phenomena. For example, law of gravity.

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How is public administration both science and art?

  • There are conflicting views and opinions on this issue and each appears to be justified in its own way. Thus, Public Administration can be regarded as both science and art. Firstly, it is used to designate a process or an activity of administering governmental affairs.

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What is the distinction between art and science?

Generally art is more personal based, requiring personal, emotional, spiritual and environmental conditions to affect ones expression. It relies heavily on visualization and feeling, becoming "one" with the artwork . Science however is theoretical, however practical it can get, it always based off of hypotheses, facts, environmental factors and evidence. Hypotheses are proven , reviewed, over-viewed , made into theories and laws. Science is goverened by laws and principles which seek to work as a base line for experimentation and for all disciplines.

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Do art and science have anything in common?

some areas of knowledge are not really science or art e.g. biology and psychology, a mix of both perhaps.

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Commerce is both an art and a science?

commerce is science as well an art

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How are art and science the same thing?

  • Art & science are the two sides of the same coin. Between the sides is the STORY we LIKE to tell about ourselves as a consequence and that be of what we perceive other than yourself a narrative we may share with a person, place or thing. I'll suggest this of thought: Art questions and Science seeks Answers.

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Is management as an art and not science?

I think that management is science in theory,but when you devote yourself into it and love it from the bottom of your heart,management is an art.It's an art about emotion,skills,human nature and life.

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What is the science and art of mapmaking?


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The science and art of mapmaking is called?


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Can psychology be a science and an art?

  • The short answer to the question of whether psychology is an art or science is "yes." In many ways, it is both. There are branches within psychology that are strictly devoted to the understanding the human mind and behavior through rigorous scientific experimentation.

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What is the relationship between art and science?

  • The more appropriate and relevant question is: what is the relationship between philosophy, art and science. Philosophy is the systematic study of metaphysics, epistemology, esthetics, and ethics. Metaphysics concerns questions of existence, being, time, space, identity, cause, consciousness, etc.

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Behavioral science is regarded both as an art and science explain?

i think its both an art and a science

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Is science an art?

  • Art is a word that describes the action of recording, reproducing and/or creating a phenomenon. Science is a word that describes, basically, the same action. It is the methodologies that differ between these two disciplines. There will always be an art to science as there will be a science to art.

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Accounting art or science?

I don't have an answer :-)

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Is political science art or science?

It is a Science, not is a form of representing something. While Politics is the Science it's the study of leadership and how it affects people.

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Is art a science or a fine art?

Art is a human science which is developed by them genetically and by practicing it.

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Why management can be considered as science and art?

Management is considered a science because there are proven ways of doing things. It is considered an art because there is creativity involved and room for personal expression.

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Who took the art and science of human flourishing?

James Pawelski: The Art and Science of Human Flourishing.

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Why is teaching an art and not a science?

It is a science in that there are strategies and practices that a body of research has shown to be effective in enhancing learning… And, like scientists, teachers experiment with new techniques or strategies to see how they work. An art. It is an art in that teachers must bring themselves fully into their teaching.

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How is nursing both a science and an art?

  • Nursing is defined and referred to as both an art and a science through theory and research in nursing practice. Although the science of nursing is grounded on the acquirement of knowledge and skills, along with theoretical understanding of nursing, but it is also described as 'an experience lived between human beings'.

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What is the art and science of beekeeping called?

The science and art of managing honey bees called apiculture or beekeeping is a centuries-old tradition.

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How are art and science related to each other?

  • Everyone loves to talk about themselves, share their viewpoint, make their opinion heard. Quora and Facebook and telephones and books and movies are all about sharing our points of view and seeing the world through another's eyes and experiences.

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What is the difference between art and a science?

Science is all chemical changes, physical changes, matter ,mixtures, solutions and stuff like that. But art is fashion , painting ,music, dancing.

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Why is the intersection of art and science important?

  • The intersection of art and science gets a lot of ink these days, for good reason. Art can help us relate to and understand science. In a culture saturated with the fruits and poisons of science, we often struggle to understand its meaning for us.

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Article on physical education as an art and science?


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Management is an art and not a science justify?

Management is both an art and a science. It is considered as a science because it has an organized body of knowledge which contains certain universal truth. It is called an art because managing requires certain skills which are personal possessions of managers. Science provides the knowledge & art deals with the application of knowledge and skills. A manager to be successful in his profession must acquire the knowledge of science & the art of applying it. Therefore management is a judicious blend of science as well as an art because it proves the principles and the way these principles are applied is a matter of art. Science teaches to 'know' and art teaches to 'do'. E.g. a person cannot become a good singer unless he has knowledge about various ragas & he also applies his personal skill in the art of singing. Same way it is not sufficient for manager to first know the principles but he must also apply them in solving various managerial problems that is why, science and art are not mutually exclusive but they are complementary to each other (like tea and biscuit, bread and butter etc.). The old saying that "Manager are Born" has been rejected in favor of "Managers are Made". It has been aptly remarked that management is the oldest of art and youngest of science. To conclude, we can say that science is the root and art is the fruit.

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Accounting is an art and also a science discuss?

Accountants using theories and methodologies of the discipline making it a science. They are also creative and think critically, making it an art.

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Define management and discuss management is science or art?

Management is the process of getting activities completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people.Management functions include:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling
The tools of management are science and the practice of management is art.It is an art because we have to be creative, flexible, use yourself and our abilities to motivate and manage people. At the same time it is also a science because in management, we use theories for application. But the reason that no management theory or approach can guarantee a practical success in a social or economic organization deviates it from science to an art. So, management is the art of handling the different aspects of an organization.Moreover, management is the subject of commerce - Commerce means commercial arts. Commercial means scientific reason. So in this way management is the combination of science and arts.

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Why is psychology considered as an art and science?

I believe it is called a soft science, which is different from the hard sciences; physics, geology, biology, etc.

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