Vrs exhaust cat back on a 1.8t 4x4?

Jacques Effertz asked a question: Vrs exhaust cat back on a 1.8t 4x4?
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Hi guys Im new to this forum, I own a octy 1.8t 4x4 my back box bracket has broke off, so I was just wondering could I get a performance octy vrs cat back to fit on my 4x4? As I cannot find many part for the 4x4 are these cars rare? Thanks

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I can get a Piper cat back exhaust fitted locally for £350 all in fitted. Anyone have any experience of their systems. Looking at this one, not sure which tailpipe though. Piper Exhausts

Skoda fabia vrs mk1 with a piper cat-back exhaust without a silencer

My 2004 fabia vrs with a piper cat back no back box exhaust. Stage one map and cone filter

unless you mean fitting a vrs exhaust, then the 4x4 has a lot of options. a good remap can sort errors codes out on cat sensors but can't really see an issue… I'd love to turn one of the 1.8t ...

The Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0 TFSi Non-resonated cat-back system SSKS003 Scorpion Exhaust Designed to fit 2013 – 2018 models only. Gives your car improved performance and enhanced looks, the distinctive Red Power Scorpion growl will make you stand out from the…

Milltek Sport exhaust systems are manufactured using aircraft grade stainless steel and machined to precision for maximum performance. Fitting a Milltek Sport exhaust will improve the tone of your engine’s voice, but will do so with a subdued deeper tone.

Anyone have a VRS CAT-BACK exhaust system installed on a 99 Sentra SE-L...I'm looking into buying the 3" stainless steel cat-back system from them. I would like to know how it sounds and any personal experience someone has had. I wouldn't want it sounding too loud, I drive on the expressway a...

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