Why can't i build a science nexus?

Emil Frami asked a question: Why can't i build a science nexus?
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Select a construction ship, in the bottom left there's a megastructure option, then put it on a space body like a planet. There should be green circles showing you where you can build it. Dunno, I selected it, and can't build it anywhere.


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🔬 Where can i build science nexus stellaris?

Science Nexus

Requires the Utopia DLC to build. Can be built around any planet. Has 3 stages after initial construction.

🔬 Can you only build one science nexus stellaris?

You can build as many you like. Except sentry arrays I think. I've been playing with Improved Megastructures mod (amongst others) to allow multiples to be built at once. Full dyson sphere gives 1200 energy, and science nexus gives 250 of each research.

🔬 Can you have more than one science nexus?

  • You can have multiple megastructures, but only one of each, and you can only build one at a time. So, you cannot build a Science Nexus AND a Dyson Sphere according to some posts I've read. First thing I hear of this. You can't have more than one megastructure under construction, though.

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Hi All, Just got the Samsung Gear VR 2 as I wanted to have a play aobut with it. I know online people got the Nexus 5 working (as it has usb type b) but as the Nexus 5x is a type C, using the adaptor it comes with is ever so slightly making the phone not fit.

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