Why cellphones are the product of science and technology?

Tanner Gleichner asked a question: Why cellphones are the product of science and technology?
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as it involves the programming of the devices and communication. which is derived from science : waves, atmosphere, frequencies, band width, software etc

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How technology helps science?
  • Beyond the fact that technology is both a process and a result of science, technological developments provide the tools used in many forms of scientific study and experimentation, from centrifuges used for the separation of fluids to computer programs used in the study of quantum physics.
Is science a technology?
  • The words science and technology can and often are used interchangeably. But the goal of science is the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake while the goal of technology is to create products that solve problems and improve human life. Simply put, technology is the practical application of science.
Is technology also science?

Yes, learning the answer to the scientific questions is important.However, these answer do not help people unless they can be used in some way.Teachnology is the practical use of science in our lives.

Is technology considered science?

What Are Science and Technology? ... Science is the study of the natural world by collecting data through a systematic process called the scientific method. And technology is where we apply science to create devices that can solve problems and do tasks. Technology is literally the application of science.

What is science technology?

Science and Technology=Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines (science and technology studies) and government offices (Office of Science and Technology).=

What is technology science?

Science and Technology=Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines (science and technology studies) and government offices (Office of Science and Technology).=

How does science affect technology science?

because scientists envented technology Advances in science contribute to advance in technology

What is science and technology science?
  • Science and Technology Science encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, and technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.
How does technology help science and how does science help technology?

Science and technology are related to each other. Mathematics is a science, and the calculator is a technology. A calculator is a machine which helps us to do math easily and faster. This is an example of technology helping science. Science helps technology too. For example, a camera. It is a machine which captures images using the basic concept in physics, lens. This way science and technology maintain an equal balance.

How does science became a product?

Science isn't a product, it's a process. Scientists can become assets, which would make them sort of like human products, and the results of the process are products.

In science what does product mean?

product is the substance that result in reacting two elements

What are the product of science?
  • Some of the key scientific products that we use daily include, electricity, transportation (through automobiles or trains), soap or detergent, clean drinking water, home & other buildings, etc. Electricity is a direct product of advancements in science, which have enabled electricity production by different means (such as, coal, natural gas, uranium, water, solar cells, wind turbines, waves, etc.).
What does product mean in science?

a substance that results from a chemical change

What is a product in science?

A product in science is what the reactants make up at the end of the experiment.

What is science as a product?
  • Science as product. The aim of science is to produce knowledge, to understand and explain some aspects of the world around us. However, scientific disciplines differ in terms of their objects of study as a science as product.
What is the product of science?

The product of science is knowledge. The application of this knowledge may be technology.

Why technology doesn't work without science but science can work without technology?

More a philosophical question but most likely the answer would be that science is the basis of technology not the other way round. Technology is the practical use of science. You can still understand science without using it in practical terms.

How science is science different from technology?

Science is science itself. Technology is using that science to design and build things. Same with engineering, you use science to design that steam engine.

Do you think science comes first - technology or technology?
  • I think Science come first, technology is application of science. If someone apply Science without knowing about it, this doesn't mean that science is not there. In old age Science was there, but not documented or science was not formalized.
Abuses of science and technology?

the invention and use of deadly weapons

Advantages of science and technology?

Advances in technology allow tasks to become easier and allow problems that were once unable to be solved, may now be solved. It can also create new ways to explain, complete, and use things. Medicine also is very reliant on technology so the more technology, the better health care can be given and funded.

Can science work without technology?


Definition of science and technology?

Science is discovering new things. Technology is taking the science and making it into practical, usefull, saleable products

Did technology exist without science?

In a sense, yes. If science is having a mental model of why things work, you don't need that to build or use something, though obviously scientific thinking really moved technology forward.

Difference of science and technology?

Technology is how people change the world around them to meet their needs, and science is the study of the natural world to understand how it functions.