Why computer science discoveries?

Ken Block asked a question: Why computer science discoveries?
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What is Computer Science Discoveries? Computer Science Discoveries (CS Discoveries) is an introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.


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🔬 Important discoveries in science using microscope?

Cells, Cancer, DNA, Atoms, Electrons, Protons, Photons,

🔬 What are the discoveries of science?

There have been many significant discoveries in science. Some of these include inventing electricity, the invention of the telephone, and the invention of the microscope.

🔬 How have deep sea discoveries changed science?

By discovering new animals that have changed science :D

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How do the discoveries of science make easy work of women?

by using machines work can be done easier

The use of discoveries in science to solve everyday problem is?

This is called "applied science."

What are some important science events or discoveries between 1994-2008?

good question :D

Computer science vs computer engineering?

Bachelor of Computer Science is a type of bachelor's degree, usually awarded after three years of collegiate study in computer science. In general Computer Science degrees emphasize the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing, rather than teaching specific technologies that may quickly become outdated. A Bachelor of Computer Science degree is normally required in order to work in the field of software development.Bachelor of Engineering is an undergraduate academic degree awarded to a student after three to five years of studying engineering. The nature of the qualification varies around the world so, hence it may or may not be a professional degree and it may or may not involve undertaking some engineering work. The course may or may not be accredited by a national professional society.

What is computer computer science?


  • 1. the study of the principles and use of computers.
Differences of computer science and applied computer science?

Generally, "applied computer science" is another way of saying "computational science." This field typically relates to the use of algorithms, computers and other things that Computer Science studies to other fields. For example, computational biology (the use of computers to study things like the human genome) is a perfect example of "applied computer science." The relationship between Computer Science and Applied Computer Science is sort of like the relationship between Biology and Environmental Science -- the former is more concerned with describing the field itself and the latter is more concerned with the 'useful' application of certain knowledge within the field to other problems.

Cite some important discoveries in science where microscope served as indispensable tool?

medicines,, it used microscope to see the

How did antoine lavoisier's discoveries change the course of science and technology?

Antoine Lavoisier is considered to be the founder of the subject of chemistry. He performed the first scientific investigation of the behavior of chemicals. He did make some important discoveries, but more importantly, he showed that chemistry is worth investigating.

What were some of the important science discoveries made during this period?

You have not given the period so we can't give an answer.

Computer science overview?

Computer science is a fascinating subject that is responsible for catapulting the world into the Information Age. It is the science of processing information contained with digital computers. It also deals with the design of computer hardware and software as well as the design of specific computer programs. For undergraduate students with a passion for the subject, undergraduate computer science programs await at dozens of universities across the United States. Computer science programs are designed to teach the principles of the subject; therefore, since there are so many different fields of knowledge within computer science, students have many courses to take and pass satisfactorily. Courses in computer science usually deal with various aspects and levels of programming, such as programming languages, computer architecture, etc. in addition to theorectical and mathematical subjects like computational theory as well as practical applications like electronics and embeded computing. These classes can be heavily mathematically oriented due to the mathematical foundations of computer science. Students who do not have math-oriented tastes or skills wil struggle unless they at least make an attempt to master the basics. A typical computer science degree takes three to four years to complete. This is due to the massive amount of coursework and instruction students have to undertake. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduating student is awarded a Bachelor of Science in Computing. With this degree under their belts, the student can go on to find work in many computer-related disciplines, or even join one of the major telecommunications companies. Since the mainstream programming language is currently Java, most programming courses are about Java. Similarly, popular computer models have a direct influence on courses about computer architecture, although these classes can also be very abstract and not have anything to do with models actually on the market. Computer science is fascinating in it’s ability to continually change the technological landscape. Students with computer science degrees have the opportunity to participate in the creation of new technologies. Computer science programs equip students for a constantly shifting job market by giving them the foundation they need to invent their own careers. With that kind of ability, no matter what jobs are available, they will be able to forge their own path.

Is computer science a science?
  • Computer science is one of the formal science disciplines, along with statistics and mathematics. The three branches of science are very closely related, sharing elements among one another.
Which is the best course in computer science mtech computer science or me computer science?

Harvard CS50 online. If you can upload the appliance you are half way there.

Compare computer science and computer engineering?

Computer science is what makes computers do things in certain ways. The outputs range from Windows to Firefox to PowerPoint to games. Computer engineering is putting computers in stuff. The outputs are computers in cars, cell phones, microwaves, radios, etc.

Computer science is more on computer?

Yes, Computer Science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation, and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems. To sum that up, yes, Computer Science is done using computers, such a programming and math involving information processing by computers.

Computer science or computer engineer better?

Neither one is "better" than the other; they are just different. Computer science is more about the theory behind computer programming, while computer engineering is more about creating new physical components for a computer.

Is computer necessary for computer science?

No, it is not mandatory to complete 10+2 in computer science to further opt for software engineer career. But, you must ensure successful completion of 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry and Math with a minimum of 50 per cent of marks to further opt for B. Tech… You may read a career as Software Engineer to clear your doubts.

Why is computer called computer science?

It is called Computer Science because you are learning how a computer works and operates and how to translate that into human language. E.g. How a computer processes information, making programs using code like Java, C+, etc.. because computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation, and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems

Did ignacio anaya make any important discoveries in the field of food science?

yes he was the inventor of nachos.

Is scientific method is the key to all discoveries and advances in science?


What technique is used by all three branches of science to make discoveries?

The Scientific Method is used by all branches of Science.

How is contemporary computer science different from tradional computer science?

contemporary is vast and it grabs lots of ideas. Simply, after CS u can have choice of multiple professions but traditional is limited to some basic jobs.

Which is more accurate computer science or computer science hl?
  • In contrast, Computer Science HL, shown on the last line of the table, had the lowest level of accuracy -- both in terms of average absolute difference between predicted and awarded, and in terms of percentage of perfectly accurate predictions. It also had one of the largest amounts of overprediction.
How computer science relates to science?

There is a science of everything. There is a science of keyboarding, there is a science of playing chess, a science for building a perfect table or chair. Ever heard the quote- "I've got it down to a science." That quote can literally be used in any situation. Computer Science is the explanation, and knowledge of computers.