Why ctc 3d printer isn't reading sd card?

Johnathon Kilback asked a question: Why ctc 3d printer isn't reading sd card?
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🔬 Monoprice 3d printer not reading sd card?

ive had my ender 5 3d printer 6 days and today out of the blue it will not read my sd card. I've done nothing to the card and the card works fine in my pc. insert it into the printer and "NO CARD" comes up, ive turned printer off then inserted card, ive inserted the card while the printer is on and no matter what i do it reads "NO TF CARD"

🔬 Why isnt my printer working?

  • Another reason that your printer may not be working could be that you have simply not connected all the wire correctly or that a crucial wire may have come dislodged. The reasons for a printer not working are not always technical and it could even be that you have simply ran out of ink or paper.

🔬 Why isnt my 3d printer working?

No matter the type of 3D printer you are using, all you'll have to do is remove the remaining filament and load in new material. Check the filament reel, if there's no material at all, load in another reel. It's as simple as that. 2. NOZZLE IS TOO CLOSE TO THE PRINT BED. The second 3D printing FAQ we will be looking at on our list of common 3D printing issues is the nozzle being way too close to the print bed. The Problem

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Got my CTC Printer have some problems with SD Card.

Format the SD card in a format no longer supported. SD card reader on printer needs to be replaced. Update the firmware (every suggestion of this warned it could brick your printer) with varying results. Not worth the risk when everything else works.

CR-10 not reading SD card 3d printer

If your card is larger than 2GB, your MakerBot Replicator 2 will not be able to read it. Try using a FAT16 formatted SDSC card no larger than 2GB If reformatting the card doesn't work, there can be a build up of dust in the SD card slot. Using a can of compressed air, blow air directly into the slot to remove any dust that may be in there.

I download files from thingiverse, slice and save as 3dmyfile.x3g to desktop. I then copy to SD card put in printer, select file to print, I can see extruded temp and bed temp where I have preheated before I put SD card in. Printer just sits there I then scroll and see a message, waiting for homing, it states this 3 times for all 3 axis.

If the SD card is not recognized on the printer or if the files are not reading, it could be an issue with the actual card itself. The first thing we recommend checking is that none of the print files on the SD card contain a space in their name. This shows in the printer as an unidentified character and can cause issues.

I am using the Ultimaker 2 Extended. I also am not able to print via USB. I've read that USB is not ideal but for some reason my printer isn't registering in CURA. Every time I hit print nothing happens. As far as the SD card goes, I have loaded several .stl files onto the card but when I plug it into the printer it does not read the .stl files.

Hello: I made this video to show my seller that the smart controller is not reading my SD card. Thank you

Ender 3 v2 won't read or recognize any SD cards. I've just received my Ender 3v2 and tried multiple SD cards, all have been formatted to FAT32 with no luck. Under the Print selection, all I get is the back button. I looked and I have the V4.2.2 and the firmware is up to date, Showing 1.0.2 unless this is not right and this is why I'm having ...

1. The print bed center of the CTC has the coordinates X0 and Y0. This must be set in in the settings. 2. In the Start GCode, when homing the axis (G28), they didn't get calibrated. This must be done using G92 X152 Y75 Z0 A0 B0. If this isn't done, the printer doesn't know where it is, that was the reason why prints were off-centered. 3.

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Printer showing offline in Windows 10 or in Windows 8. This usually happens with network printer on Windows 10 or Windows 8. Here is the solution for the same.

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Open the printer queue by going to Devices and Printers in Control Panel and double-clicking on the printer. Here you want to click on Printer in the menu bar and then make sure to uncheck Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline .

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If the printer is offline then try these steps to connect to network. a. Press Window + Q and type Devices and printers. b. Right-click on the Printer and click on see what's printing. c. Right-click on new print queue. b. Then clear the Use Printer Offline setting. c. This resets the registry key to the correct value. Method 2:

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Many computer connectivity issues are caused by something as simple as a loose cable. Make sure all of the cables connecting your computer to your printer are fully in place and completely fastened at both ends. If your printer is not turning on, the power cord could also be an issue.

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If your Canon printer isn't recognising a compatible ink cartridge, this may be because the data on the cartridge chip is stamped with an empty status before it was remanufactured. Hold down the stop / cancel button for 5 seconds to bypass the 'ink has run out' message and your cartridge should work.

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Remove the old ink cartridge and install the new ink cartridge again. Your HP printer should be able to recognize your new ink cartridges by now. If it still doesn’t, try these alternative steps instead: Remove the new ink cartridge from the printer. Turn off your HP printer and detach its power cord for 10 minutes.

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Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners. Then select your printer > Open queue. Under Printer, make sure Use Printer Offline is not selected. If these steps don't put your printer back online, then read Troubleshooting offline printer problems. Fix printer connection and printing problems in Windows 10.

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If your 3D printer suddenly stops extrusion in the middle of a project, the first thing you need to check is if your current spool still has any filament left. Hopefully, your print hasn’t been ruined, and you still have time to load another spool of filament onto your 3D printer. 2. Overheated extrusion motor

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Make sure you monitor the print quality from these cartridges. Once they start to fade, the ink is likely running low and they will need replacing. Finally, ignore any “Print Quality” alerts the printer gives you. It’s an automatic response from you installing a used cartridge, and they will work fine until they run out of ink.