Why did alfred wegener get interested in earth science?

Claud Feeney asked a question: Why did alfred wegener get interested in earth science?
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🔬 When alfred wegener studied earth science he later studied what subject?


🔬 What contributions did alfred wegener make to science?

Wegener is the author of the very important theory of plate tectonics.

🔬 What contributions did alfred wegener make in the field to science?

he helped the cose of conteniental drift

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Continental drift

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he wanted to study science because his dad liked science

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Why are scientists so interested in science?

Scientists are interested in science because it part of their name. ANSWER because that is what they study

Why are you interested in biomedical science?

Biomedical science is at the heart of medical breakthroughs in healthcare. Study biomedical science to develop your understanding of the human body and conduct medical research… Degrees are flexible and can lead to a wide range of career options for graduates.

Why was albert einstein interested in science?

because he was because he was

Is aqua science earth science?

Aqua, Latin for water, is a NASA Earth Science satellite mission named for the large amount of information that the mission is collecting about the Earth's water cycle, including evaporation from the oceans, water vapor in the atmosphere, clouds, precipitation, soil moisture, sea ice, land ice, and snow cover on the ...

Is environmental science earth science?

Yes. It is a sub-category of earth science.

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Earth day special :the untold truth of alfred wegener Is life science earth science?

Life science is studying living things on earth like bacteria, cells, humans, animals, and plants. In contrast, physical science is the study of non-living things that exist in earth physics, earth science, astronomy, etc. It is seen that they both have different parts and perform a different function.

What is earth physical or earth science?

Earth science or physical is a study of the inner and outer earth parts.

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Plate tectonics theory lesson How can i be more interested in science?
  1. Use a microscope…
  2. Find science camps in your area…
  3. Visit a natural history museum or science center…
  4. Watch a movie…
  5. Take a hike…
  6. Become a citizen scientist…
  7. Play games…
  8. Turn your kitchen into a lab.
How did albert einstein become interested in science?
  • He first became interested in science when his father gave him a compass. Because he really loved math, he wanted to study that in school. He finished his education in Switzerland. Later he moved back to Bern, Germany and started his first job as a clerk in the patent office.
How did alexander fleming become interested in science?

he naturally liked science. He enjoyed it and he was a doctor. Fleming was very intelligent because with a distinction to be a doctor.

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Seismograph How did benjamin franklin become interested in science?

Benjamin Franklin became interested in science as a child. He was bored in school and spent his time doing science experiments on his own, which allowed him to develop an interest in science.

How did i become interested in computer science?
  • I first became interested in computing at the age of sixteen when I decided to enrol on a computer course at a local college, where I was taught computer systems and word processing. The course served to deepen my interest in computers and a few months later I decided to use all my savings in order to buy my own...
How did levi strauss get interested in science?

he went to collage

How did michael faraday became interested in science?

All his friends were doing it so he figured he'd give it a try

How did you become interested in computer science?

Why did I choose to major in Computer Science?

  • I chose to major in computer science because it affords me the opportunity to explore both of my passions: solving problems and producing creative experiences. Through code, I can generate ideas that solve user-specific problems, design and ideate possible solutions, and then execute them.
How does nicolas copernicus became interested in science?

How does Nicolas Copernicus became interested in science?

What got sir isaac newton interested in science?

As a young boy Newton found out about the scientific revolution in Europe. There were many scientists that he knew such as Nicholaus Copernicus, Joannes Kelper, Galileo and many more. He was inspired by their work to study science.

What kind of science are you interested in?
  • Life sciences involve learning about living organisms and include subjects like biology, biochemistry, microbiology, zoology, and ecology. Physics, chemistry, astronomy, and geology are all physical sciences, which deal with the study of non-living matter. Here are nine high paying science careers.

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5 scientists with ideas that nobody believed . who were right What science careers would you be interested in?
  • Psychologist.
  • Environmental Science and Protection Technician.
  • Industrial Psychologist.
  • Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist.
  • Anthropologist.
  • Biochemist.
  • Archaeologist.
When did edwin hubble become interested in science?

Edwin Hubble was always a good student (but better at sports) and he was in love with science since his first lesson.

When did mae jemison become interested in science?

She got interested in science when she first read the book A Wrinkle In Time about science.

When do girls start interested in computer science?
  • Research shows that around age 12 both boys and girls have a similar level of interest in computer science. This difference is that women are half as likely to be encouraged to explore it.
Who was interested in both science and mathematics?

T.A. Knight

Why are bi professionals interested in data science?
  • BI professionals have the business context and they work closely with businesses. They have experience with basic data exploration steps as very often business asks for these in addition to the reports they use. In other words, these folks work in the “first half” of a data science project.

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What is pangaea & plate tectonic? - peekaboo kidz