Why did america fear a standing ar?

Clay Corkery asked a question: Why did america fear a standing ar?
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An Economic Model of Indian-White Relations " by Anderson and McChesney. As the quote at the beginning of this piece indicates, the Founding Fathers feared a standing army, and for good reason. While its ideal purpose is to create peace, we do not live in a world of ideals.

Just how opposed were the Founding Fathers to a standing army? Their revolutionary experience of the founding fathers forged a deep mistrust of standing armies. They viewed them as a pernicious threat to liberty. Here are just a few quotes that explain how and why the idea (what we would call a police state today) was anathema to the first Americans.

This fear led them to invest Congress with specific power to determine the size and composition of the armed services, make rules to govern those forces, mobilize and oversee the federal use of ...

But due to the inability of Congress to raise much revenue under the Articles of Confederation, suspicion of standing armies, and perceived safety from foreign enemies provided by large oceans effectively controlled by the then non-threatening British Navy, Congress disbanded the Continental Army after the Treaty of Paris, the peace treaty with Great Britain, became effective.

Bullets destroy things when they go off usually, but that doesn’t make these specific weapons evil. To say that this rifle is more capable of hurting people than any other rifle is wrong. The AR15’s that civilians can buy shoot one bullet at a time. You can do that with a revolver, a shotgun or a hunting rifle.

The National Rifle Association reports that Americans own more than 15 million AR-15s today. As more AR-15 style rifles entered the market, the competition caused the price to drop.

Did you know? Yellow journalism was the original fake news. The term was coined in the early 18 century to indicate journalism that relies on eye-catching headlines, exaggeration and ...

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fear Street Part 1: 1994, now streaming on Netflix.. In Netflix's Fear Street Part 1: 1994, seeing as it's a trilogy, the film cleverly sets up key threads that jump back to the past with stories connected to the witch, Sarah Fier, still to come from 1666 and 1978.It's why Deena (Kiana Madeira) and her crew don't get a happy ending here, as they ...

The American Revolutionary War (April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783), also known as the Revolutionary War or the American War of Independence, was initiated by delegates from thirteen American colonies of British America in Congress against Great Britain over their objection to Parliament's taxation policies and lack of colonial representation.

As of today, the only countries that still don't use the metric system are the U.S., Myanmar and Liberia. Because it's time-consuming and tedious to translate U.S. customary units into the metric ...

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