Why did benjamin franklin work as a printer?

Judd Klocko asked a question: Why did benjamin franklin work as a printer?
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What did Benjamin Franklin do as a printer? Printed Currency Soon after establishing himself as an independent printer, Benjamin Franklin was awarded the “very profitable Jobb” of printing Pennsylvania bills of credit, partly because he had written and published a pamphlet on the need for paper currency in 1729.

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Benjamin Franklin, the Printer What would Benjamin Franklin be when he grew up? In the 18th century it was up to a boy's father to decide. Benjamin's father first thought he should be a preacher and sent him to school. But school was expensive and would take many years.

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Benjamin Franklin’s journey in the printing business started long before he started working in the printing presses of Philadelphia. As a child he worked for this brother James in Boston as an apprentice. James published the New England Courant, a well known publication and the first American newspaper to use literary content and humorous essays.

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After a few months, while working in a printing house, Franklin was convinced by Pennsylvania governor Sir William Keith to go to London, ostensibly to acquire the equipment necessary for establishing another newspaper in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790), American scientist, diplomat, and one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, identified himself as a printer. He wrote his own epitaph long before he died: "The Body of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Printer.

In 1736 Benjamin Franklin was elected clerk of the Pennsylvania Assembly which was an advantage to his business as he was able to secure profitable printing jobs such as votes, laws and paper money, as well as more advertisers for his newspaper.

Franklin working as a printer. Benjamin Franklin, the Printer. James put Benjamin to work setting type, cleaning up, and making deliveries, just like any other apprentice. They printed all kinds of things, from almanacs to sermons. Benjamin worked hard and learned quickly. In 1721 James decided to start a newspaper.

What Benjamin really wanted was to go to sea. He was an excellent swimmer, loved the ocean, and dreamed of working on a ship, but an older brother had died at sea so his father would not allow it. When another brother, James, returned from England to set up a printing business, their father knew what to do. Benjamin loved to read, so why not become a printer?

Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin Franklin (London: Printed for Henry Colburn, British and Foreign Public Library, 1818), vol. 1. Franklin’s famous diagram of his method for recording faults was first written in a paper notebook, but it wore out with constant erasure, so he copied the diagram in red ink on ivory tablets, from which pencil marks were easily erased.

From the middle of 1757 through the middle of 1762, he was in England, and he returned there at the end of 1764. Franklin’s career as a printer was a successful one. Fortunately, his brief period as a clerk in Denham’s employ taught him the importance of keeping financial records.

Franklin was industrious, disciplined and hard working. Printing was a labor intensive activity and when required he stayed until late night while his partner Meredith had taken to drinking. Meredith’s father had paid only half of what they owed for the equipment and creditors were demanding payment.

Benjamin Franklin was a printer, publisher, author, inventor, scientist, and diplomat. One of the foremost of the Founding Fathers, he helped draft the Declaration of Independence and was one of its signers, he represented the United States in France during the American Revolution, and he was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

When Franklin went to Versailles to meet with Louis XVI, the French King, he dressed like a farmer and the French couldn’t believe how smart he was with his appearance. Franklin spent a lot of time trying to persuade the French to join the Americans. Franklin became a custom to the French way to help try to impress the French.

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Benjamin Franklin's most significant contribution to science was the discovery, by means of his famous kite flying experiment, that lightning is a form of electricity.

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Ben Franklin discovered by his accident while flying his kite, that lightning is a form of electricity,

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Benjamin Franklin became interested in science as a child. He was bored in school and spent his time doing science experiments on his own, which allowed him to develop an interest in science.

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James franklin printer?

James Franklin (February 4, 1697 in Boston – February 4, 1735 in Newport, Rhode Island) was an American colonial author, printer, newspaper publisher, and almanac publisher. James published the New England Courant, one of the oldest and the first truly independent American newspapers.

Benjamin franklin a man of reason and science was a good example of the?

Benjamin Franklin, a man of reason and science, is a good example of an American diplomat, statesman and scientist.

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