Why did carnotaurus have such wimpy arms science smithsoniansmithsonian magazine?

Magali VonRueden asked a question: Why did carnotaurus have such wimpy arms science smithsoniansmithsonian magazine?
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Though small, the arms of Tyrannosaurus and other big tyrannosaurs were robust and heavily muscled, hinting that the dinosaurs may have used their arms like meat hooks while tangling with struggling prey…Though small, the arms of Tyrannosaurus and other big tyrannosaurs
T. Rex were an English rock band, formed in 1967 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Marc Bolan… In 1969, while developing the style for the fourth album, Bolan began to change the band's style towards electric rock, and shortened their name to T. Rex the following year.
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › T._Rex_(band)
were robust and heavily muscled, hinting that the dinosaurs may have used their arms like meat hooks while tangling with struggling prey…


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  • Science, also widely referred to as Science Magazine, is the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and one of the world's top academic journals. It was first published in 1880, is currently circulated weekly and has a print subscriber base of around 130,000.

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Not science fiction. Just fiction.

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A science magazine is usually designed to educated and inform using detail, research, stats and pictures. A fashion magazine would most likely explain fashion buy simply using a few pictures and a short summary.

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The criteria for publication of scientific papers (Articles) in Nature are that they:

  1. report original scientific research (the main results and conclusions must not have been published or submitted elsewhere)
  2. are of outstanding scientific importance.
  3. reach a conclusion of interest to an interdisciplinary readership.
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Popular Science Is Now a Fully Digital Magazine (popsci.com) 20. Posted by BeauHD on Tuesday April 27, 2021 @06:40PM from the new-beginnings dept. kackle writes: I just received an email telling me that "Popular Science" magazine is no more.

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The duration of Science Magazine is 1800.0 seconds.

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science of coarse!I mean who would'nt

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  • To further keep up with readers’ interests, Popular Science ran its first subscriber study in 1928. It was mailed to every one of the magazine’s 350,000 subscribers, and almost 10% replied. This was also the year the magazine opened its first advertising sales office in Detroit.
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Space Science Fiction Magazine ended in 1957.

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Science of Mind - magazine - was created in 1927.

When was space science fiction magazine created?

Space Science Fiction Magazine was created in 1957.

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  • There is no such thing as ‘applied science’. We call that ‘engineering’. As for your actual question, while it is certainly possible to apply economic theory to real-world legal and business issues, in practice it doesn’t actually happen. Economics may be used to justify certain actions but only after the decisions have been made.
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  • For the purposes of this, TheScoleExperiment.com, website, when we refer to 'Paranormal Science', we mean the scientific study of the paranormal. However, it is in the nature of Psi phenomena that the usual Scientific Method outlined on the Normal Science page is not necessarily the optimum way of conducting paranormal research.
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  • Another popular magazine, appropriately enough titled Popular Science, tends more toward coverage of cutting-edge consumer products and of hobbyist projects than of pure science.
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  • However, one would be ill-advised to use the term 'science writing' or 'popular writing' in a disparaging way. Writing (or providing consultation for others who are writing) popularized accounts based on scientific research should be an important part of every scientists' outreach activities.
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  • Neither are such domains unscholarly. In fact, topics like aesthetics, morality, and theology are actively studied by philosophers, historians, and other scholars. However, questions that arise within these domains generally cannot be resolved by science.
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  • Trustworthy journalism comes at a price. Scientists and journalists share a core belief in questioning, observing and verifying to reach the truth. Science News reports on crucial research and discovery across science disciplines.
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  • With advancements of so much of data, many aspects of data science are gaining immense importance, especially big data. Data science is not restricted to big data, which in itself is a big field because big data solutions are more focused on organizing and pre-processing the data rather than analyzing the data.
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  • The growing importance of data science has in turn led to the growth and importance of data scientists. These data scientists professionals are now an integral parts of brands, businesses, public agencies and non-profit organisations.
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Asimov's Science Fiction is an American science fiction magazine which publishes science fiction and fantasy named after science fiction author Isaac Asimov. It is currently published by Penny Publications. ... Asimov's Science Fiction.

Cover for an issue of Asimov's Science Fiction
EditorSheila Williams
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  • Overall, we rate Scientific American a Pro-Science source based on advocating for the consensus of science and properly sourcing scientific information. Founded in 1845, Scientific American is an American popular science magazine. Many famous scientists, including Albert Einstein, have contributed articles in the past 170 years.
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  • Science Reporter is a monthly popular science magazine that has been published in India since 1964 by the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, a government agency based in New Delhi. It is published in English and is read principally in India and neighbouring countries.