Why did rachel zimmerman make the blissymbol printer?

Sid Wilderman asked a question: Why did rachel zimmerman make the blissymbol printer?
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🔬 How old was rachel zimmerman when she invented the blissymbol printer?

she was 12 years old.It was for a science fair.

🔬 Who invented blissymbol printer?

Rachel Zimmerman of Ontario, Canada created a software program using Blissymbols: symbols that enable non-speaking people, such as those with severe physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, to communicate. The program user communicates by pointing to various symbols on a page or board through the use of a special touch pad.

🔬 Don zimmerman obituary little rock ar?

Local Arkansas Funeral Homes. Search Obituaries from more than 25,000 funeral homes. Updated Daily. View All Funeral Homes in Arkansas.

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To make it easier for people with speech and written communication difficulties to express themselves. The printer consisted of a pad with symbols that corresponded to words, and pressing them in sequence could create sentences.

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