Why did sir isaac newton use math and science?

Reyna Greenholt asked a question: Why did sir isaac newton use math and science?
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🔬 Isaac newton field of science?

physics and mathematics

🔬 Contribution of isaac newton to science?

the 3 laws of physics

🔬 How did isaac newton contribute science?

Sir Isaac Newton's greatest contribution to science was the discovery of the nature of gravity, laws of motion and the reflecting microscope. His most recognized work was the force of gravity. He discovered this when observing the falling of an apple from its tree.

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He used math and science together, which is known as physics.

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What did sir isaac newton do in science?

Sir Isaac Newton created the three laws of moition

What field of science did isaac newton do?

He was a physicist and mathematician.

What got sir isaac newton interested in science?

As a young boy Newton found out about the scientific revolution in Europe. There were many scientists that he knew such as Nicholaus Copernicus, Joannes Kelper, Galileo and many more. He was inspired by their work to study science.

Why was sir isaac newton important to science?

Isaac Newton helped develop the principles of modern physics, including the laws of motion, and is credited as one of the great minds of the 17th-century Scientific Revolution.

What branch of science did isaac newton work in?

Isaac Newton was a physicist.

What branch of science isaac newton is known for?


What change did sir isaac newton have in science?

he discovered the universal law of gravitation

What contribution did sir isaac newton make to science?

He invented the three laws of motion.

What kind of science do isaac newton specifically do?

Isaac Newton's passion was physics.

What type of science did sir isaac newton study?

alchemist is the type of scientist that sir Isaac newton was. hope this helps

Name the field of science sir isaac newton founded in science?

He contributed mainly to Physics. He contributed mainly to Physics.

What awards did isaac newton get for his science work?

As a result of his scientific work, Isaac Newton became the President of the Royal Society and was an associate of the French Academy of Science. Queen Anne also knighted Newton for his excellent scientific work.

What did isaac newton contribute to the field of science?

what is the answer it is something.

Whose contributions to science were important galileo or isaac newton?

An astronomer and a physicist. Both were important at the same level.

What all contributions did sir isaac newton make in mathematics and science?

he invented calculus and many theory's

What is the field of science that isaac newton was famous for?

The field of science that Isaac Newton was famous for was in fact Physics.

Who is sir isaac newton and what was his contribution to science?

he came up with evelution

Isaac newtons contribution to science?

Isaac Newtons contribution to science was the discovery of gravity.

How did newton influence science?

Sir Isaac Newton influenced science with his universal law of gravitation. He also made significant contributions to modern physics and modern calculus.

Is math science?

MATH IS Just like science a independent variable is math because it tells a size or somewhat so yes it is science

Contribution of issac newton to science?

his contribution to science is mathematics

What did newton contribution to science?

newton discovered gravity. However he couldn't prove it. It was Einstein who proved.

What does newton in science mean?

In science the term "newton" refers to a unit of force. 1 Newton = 1 Kg·m/ sec2