Why did the ancient greeks make such advances in science?

Alessia Shanahan asked a question: Why did the ancient greeks make such advances in science?
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🔬 Did ancient greeks use science?


🔬 What advances did the ancient indians make in science?

Indians made scientific advances in the knowledge of human body systems and disease.

🔬 In the areas of science did ancient indians make advances?

advances in the knowledge of human body systems and disease

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What are some technological advances in science?

Fire, The wheel, Telegraph

Which university can you do a doctorate in occult science esoteric science such as kabbalah alchemy astrology and such ancient and mystical sciences?

Miskatonic University

How are advances in science and technology related?
  • Advances in science often drive technological innovations, which may, in turn, contribute to new scientific discoveries. Through many intervening steps, the cathode ray tube is connected to modern advances in DNA.
How does science lead to advances in technology?

Science can lead to advances in technology by the electricity. The electricity is used to make computers and eventually will be used to make most of our items in the future and next few generations.

How does the science advances editorial board work?
  • The Science Advances Editorial Board, a group of active researchers and scientists with a wide diversity of expertise, evaluates submissions and sends those that warrant further consideration for external peer review. Submit your manuscript through our manuscript submission and information portal https://cts.sciencemag.org.
Is there a page limit for science advances?
  • Is there a page limit for articles published in Science Advances? No. Authors may submit manuscripts up to 15,000 words. However, the journal highly values clear and concise writing, brevity, and precision, and poorly written and unnecessarily lengthy articles will be returned to authors for editing.
What are he recent advances in indian science?

advance of Indian science in the field of ocean development

What are some recent advances in materials science?
  • One of the most exciting tools that have entered the material science toolbox in recent years is machine learning. This collection of statistical methods has already proved to be capable of considerably speeding up both fundamental and applied research.
Did the greeks excel on science fiction writing?

No. There were playwrights in Ancient Greece (as I assume you mean) but not nevelists as far as I know. Science had not advanced sufficiently to give any foundation for science fiction, though the philosophers who studied geometry and astronomy liked to wrap their learning up in heavy-going mysticism.

3 advances in han civilization in science and technology?
  • The Invention of Paper.
  • The Suspension Bridge.
  • Deep Drilling.
How did the advances in science affect the world?
  • Advances were made in various scientific fields such as astronomy, physics, and mathematics. They caused large controversies which had a deep impact on people’s thinking about God and religion. While some differences between Blade Runner and Frankenstein are evident the similarities are quite clear.
What do authors need to know about science advances?
  • Science Advances editors require authors to list four suggested reviewers in the cover letter that must be provided with every manuscript submission. These suggestions will not necessarily be used by editors but will be referenced as an indication of the authors' view of the research landscape of the submitted work.
Did ancient egyptians use science?

Yes, they did. A common misconception is that their science was mostly about mummification, but they understood math, engineering, astronomy, and a lot more.

Do ancient science books respawn?
  • There are rumors that some ancient sites will respawn Ancient Science Books after 100 days, but this is speculation and hasn’t been confirmed. As of right now Ancient Science Books are rare in any given game. The most anyone has heard of finding is less than a hundred, but again, this is based on rumor.
How to submit a manuscript for publication in science advances?
  • Submitting a manuscript is easy. Instructions on how to submit your research for publication in Science Advances and the journal's submission system can be found here. Note that Science Advances asks authors to suggest possible reviewers when they submit manuscripts for evaluation.
Major advances were made in science during the romantic period?


What advances in art and science occurred during the renaissance?

Humanism and its study of the classical writing of the past had an indirect impact on science and art during the Renaissance.

What were the greatest advances in science during the renaissance?
  • During the Renaissance, great advances occurred in geography, astronomy, chemistry, physics, math, manufacturing, and engineering. The rediscovery of ancient scientific texts was accelerated after the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, and the invention of printing which would democratize learning and allow a faster propagation of new ideas.
Father of science in ancient greece?

Thales of Miletus.

The science of studying ancient life?


The science study of ancient life?


What is study of ancient science?
  • Archaeology is the science which studies ancient societies based on their material remains. Through the analysis of objects and those works constructed by ancient peoples, this science can arrive at conclusions about their culture and their ways of life. There are several branches of Archaeology as well as many tools relevant to this science.
What technological advances led to the rise of earth system science?

technological advances and enviromental incidents have encouraged scientists to look at earth as a system.