Why did the ars nova have such an impact on france?

Wanda Balistreri asked a question: Why did the ars nova have such an impact on france?
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When ars nova developed France was already in a state of turmoil and change. It marked the transition from plainchant and organum (ars antiqua) as popular music to chansons and the polyphonic ...

The emergence in France of a fully developed secular musical tradition about the beginning of the 12th century is evidence that the art had been evolving continuously before that time. Partially motivated by the attitude of chivalry engendered by the Crusades , a new lifestyle began among the nobility of southern France.

Ars nova (Latin for new art) refers to a musical style which flourished in France and the Burgundian Low Countries in the late Middle Ages: more particularly, in the period between the preparation of the Roman de Fauvel (1310s) and the death of composer Guillaume de Machaut in 1377. The term is sometimes used more generally to refer to all European polyphonic music of the fourteenth century.

Great literary works by Dante, Boccaccio, and Chaucer appeared in vernacular languages. A new musical style emerged in France, known as Ars Nova after the Ars nova treatise attributed to Philippe de Vitry (1291–1361). The most important new genre was the polyphonic art song. I. The Ars Nova in France (CHWM 69–77, NAWM 24–27) Roman de Fauvel

In fact, so much of his music was new and experimental that he was considered a founder of the Ars Nova style, meaning new art. Ars Nova encompassed integrating more complex rhythm and polyphony ...

Medieval music encompasses the sacred and secular music of Western Europe during the Middle Ages, from approximately the 6th to 15th centuries. It is the first and longest era of Western classical music and followed by the Renaissance music; the two eras comprise what musicologists term as early music, preceding the common practice period.

Ars Antiqua This new polyphony was extraordinary because it hadn't been done in church music before, and in medieval thought, anything new had to be founded on something old.

This music thrived at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and much later became known as the Ars Antiqua, or the “old art.” The two composers at Notre Dame especially known for composing in this style are Léonin (fl. ca. 1163-1190) , who composed organa for two voices, and his successor Pérotin (fl. early13th century) , whose organa included three and even four voices.

The new style of the fourteenth century, called the Ars Nova by composers of the period, can be heard in the "Gloria" from Machaut's Messe de Notre Dame (sound clip). This new polyphonic style caught on with composers and paved the way for the exciting development of choral music in the Renaissance.

Guillaume de Machaut, Machaut also spelled Machault, (born c. 1300, Machault, Fr.—died 1377, Reims), French poet and musician, greatly admired by contemporaries as a master of French versification and regarded as one of the leading French composers of the Ars Nova ( q.v.) musical style of the 14th century. It is on his shorter poems and his musical ...

When ars nova developed France was already in a state of turmoil and change. It marked the transition from plainchant and organum (ars antiqua) as popular music to chansons and the polyphonic metric music we recognize today.

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