Why disney needs vr reboot?

Stephania Stehr asked a question: Why disney needs vr reboot?
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To understand why current generation VR headsets don’t fit Disney’s needs, though, you can just spend time in the backpack loading area for a VOID adventure, or experience the jarring sense of ...

There are currently two versions of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 in the works, and they're both reboots - here's why. The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl, was a game-changer for Disney when it opened in 2003.At the time, the studio didn't have any blockbuster live-action franchises, and was still years away from buying Marvel, Lucasfilm, or even Pixar.

So, why is Disney watering down their most iconic stories by rebooting them in “live action?” The answer is pretty obvious; reselling old stories with a new, shiny coat of CGI is an immensely ...

According to Box Office Mojo, which tracks this ticket data, the average 2018 movie ticket is $9.27. A decade ago in 2008, it was $7.18, and a decade before that in 1998, it was a mere $4.69. The ...

Executives naturally want the next box-office hit or big TV series, which is why we end up with lots of sequels and an extremely risk-averse and exclusive production process.

What VR instead needs is a big hit, he argued — a major media project that draws people in — and Vick and his partners hope that “The Starfighter Chronicles” will be just that.

Another way that Disney could use the Muppets is to reboot The Muppet Show, but for the 21st century.

A reboot would let the developers pump up the action with more guns, more vehicles, more damage and destruction, and most importantly, more obliterating huge structures. COMMANDOS Before there was...

Disney struck gold when it adapted its beloved Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride into a big-budget swashbuckler in 2003 and have since released an additional four sequels in the series (with a sixth installment - possibly a soft reboot - currently in early development).

10. The Jungle Book 2. Disney. Another sequel to a reboot, The Jungle Book 2 has been in the works since the reboot proved such a hit at the box office. Jon Favreau is back, with Disney giving him ...

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