Why do all the 360° vr videos look terrible?

Ashley Streich asked a question: Why do all the 360° vr videos look terrible?
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There’s also a moving node that leaves a trail behind it, creating different paths. Whilst the movement is random, it’s a great way to demonstrate cool ways to draw network paths in VR.

🔬 Do vr videos look better over quality?

It would not be able to deliver a good quality VR videos to the majority due to network bandwidth. An average decent 4K video has about ~15Mbps for monoscopic eye or ~30Mbps for stereoscopic.

🔬 How to look at videos on vr?

Visit the Virtual Reality YouTube channel in your phone’s YouTube app to find the best VR videos. Look for the compass icon in the upper left of a video to tell you it’s VR. Start playing the...

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In my research I found that there are at least three major reasons why most existing 360º videos appear to be in such poor quality: 1. VR videos need to be a HIGHER resolution than regular videos...

Others have explained why they look bad - it's just a ton of data and if you think about the level of detail in say a 4k display at arms length, imagine how many 4k displays it would take to completely surround you in 360 degrees, and how many pixels that is. It would be like 100k to get that level of clarity and detail.

This is what 360 degree VR videos look like with Google Cardboard. It's the opposite of immersion. Everything is now way too close, and you have a hard time just trying to focus on things. True, you can move your head around and see more of the scene (in fact, all 360 degrees of it), but that's not immersion.

Early this year, I tried Nokia Ozo live VR streaming (at about 1080p resolution), and I couldn’t even recognize the face of a singer, who was only ~6 ft aways from the camera. Very frustrating. I totally understand it is a huge pain for current 36...

Why do all VR and 360° videos look like they're in 240p? The maximum possible resolution of the AVC codec (ie. H.264, the one generally used for 360° videos) is 4096x2304. 4096 pixels over 360 degree correspond to 455 pixels over 40 degrees (THX recommendation), which means a 455x256 resolution in 16:9.

Causes and solutions. The blurry issue in VR videos are sentenced t o disappear in the near future, and we have been spectators of how technology takes giant steps in terms of hardware (cameras, rigs, etc.) and software (editing programs and functionalities), with the stitching over software as a primary reference.

Using the same math above, the field-of-view resolution works out to 540 x 540 pixels for a YouTube size frame. Streaming HD-resolution 360° video really does result in a resolution comparable to old television (720 x 480 or 720 x 576) and it must be stretched more than 230% to fit the display. That is why streaming stereo VR video looks so soft.

06-05-2016 01:36 PM. 360 degree videos are usually a single 1080p frame for the entire 360 degrees, so yes it's going to look low-res when you are only looking at a small part of a 1080p image. Newer cameras like the Gear 360 capture it in 4K, those will look a lot better. 2 Kudos.

level 1. geliduss. 4 years ago. Most youtube vids are too low quality, a 360 video has a much lower apparent resolution since it's stretched over a much larger space. You generally want 4k 60 fps for a smooth and clear vid. 6. level 2. [deleted] 4 years ago.

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The Theta, for example, boasts a 1080P resolution (1,920 x 1,080), but in "headset mode" it looks more like 480P (852 x 480) and starts to get blurry around the edges. Same goes for the other two ...

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A common 360º video format of 1080s has ~6 pixels per degree, which is equivalent to human eye vision of 20/200, which is terrible. This is why 1080p VR videos are seen so blurry. 2.

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Why do all VR and 360° videos look like they're in 240p? The maximum possible resolution of the AVC codec (ie. H.264, the one generally used for 360° videos) is 4096x2304. 4096 pixels over 360 degree correspond to 455 pixels over 40 degrees (THX recommendation), which means a 455x256 resolution in 16:9.

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