Why do all vr and 360° videos look like they're in 240p?

Elyse Harber asked a question: Why do all vr and 360° videos look like they're in 240p?
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🔬 Does the vr videos look like an actual 1080p?

First, an a 180° video, you'll look at ~100° of it (say 25%) at any one time. If the video is 1080p, you're looking at 540 pixel data stretched out across your headset's pixels. If there's more 1920, you're seeing 960 or so pixels stretched out so that looks more clear.

🔬 Does the vr videos look like an actual 1080p video?

When we say mono, we mean the video is a single channel, but it does actually display to both eyes in the VR headset. A stereo 360 video has 2 channels, with slightly different perspective to give you the perception of depth, like a 3D film in the theater. We’ll get more into that below. Although many 360 videos are a minimum of 4K, content ...

🔬 When watching 360 vr videos, why does 4k look like 480p?

The Theta, for example, boasts a 1080P resolution (1,920 x 1,080), but in "headset mode" it looks more like 480P (852 x 480) and starts to get blurry around the edges. Same goes for the other two ...

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Why do all VR and 360° videos look like they're in 240p? The maximum possible resolution of the AVC codec (ie. H.264, the one generally used for 360° videos) is 4096x2304. 4096 pixels over 360 degree correspond to 455 pixels over 40 degrees (THX recommendation), which means a 455x256 resolution in 16:9.

First of all, to get an option to play vr video I have to go through that app "360 videos" in the cliff house. Finding a 360 video via youtube in edge directly doesn't work because the goggle icon on the bottom of the screen is missing. However, if I start any of the offered 360 videos via the cliff house 360 video app, that opens youtube video ...

There is also a YoutubeVR app, which sounds like the obvious choice, but that is quite frankly completely useless, as it limits the video quality to 1080p, so all those vancy 180°/360° VR videos end up looking like 240p and are basically unwatchable.

33 votes, 34 comments. And no I have gigabit internet so that's not it. It's not immersive at all when the video is compressed all to hell and I can …

To better visualize what that looks like, think about the 360-degree videos making their way around the web. When you view those videos in VR, you're inside them. In fact, VR filmmaking is burgeoning.

But what the industry can currently deliver in 360 VR videos is still far behind what our eyes are looking for. A common complaint about many existing 360 videos is that they appear blurry and choppy.

360 virtual reality (also known as 360 VR) is interactive and immersive content that completely surrounds a user as if they are standing in the middle of a scene. This content can be viewed through any device and it allows the user to look in any direction, allowing them to see and interact with the content as they would in real life.

This means that a 3840x1920 360 video is actually only displaying about 1280x720 in the viewing portal at a given time. This is why VR video content sometimes looks like television from the 1990s. For this reason, every pixel counts! Stereoscopic 3D 360 Video. Stereo 3D 360 video is mainly different because it contains 2 video channels within ...

Description of your issue, suggested solution and other information. It appears that approx. one week ago, YouTube has changed its encoding algorithms for panoramic 360° 2D/3D videos. As a producer of such videos, I am familiar with the standard format used by most 360° video players to convert the flat video image into a 360° panorama (in either 2D or 3D).

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