Why do ars jam so much?

Maggie Beier asked a question: Why do ars jam so much?
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We do it on moving parts all around the house and our car engine loves it too. However, ironically, trying to prevent the gun from jamming by applying a lot lubrication is usually what tends to cause feeding and jamming issues.

When one of these things occurs, what you’re experiencing is a stoppage of your AR system. Simply put, a stoppage is any situation where your AR-15 fails to complete a cycle of operation. Stoppages may be caused by simple human error or by mechanical malfunction.

Barrel throat angles have changed and most importantly. It's hard to feed a round tailored for a push feed system to work in a controlled feed system and vice versa. So,so, many times the problem with a 1911 is a lack of understanding through education, Knowing what a mil-spec 1911 was designed to feed is important.

The other reason is familiarity with the rifle… since ARs are so popular and are the US military’s service rifle, more people know the AR than they do the M-14. Not only can the AR jam so easily, but it doesn’t even make a good club. I’m going to catch a lot of flak for this piece…

The AK has a mythical reputation that is complete crap, the reality of the AK and peoples perceptions are not the same thing. All mechanical contraptions will experience failures and malfunctions, most firearms, especially those adopted by Militar...

So cops and civilians “need” an AR-15 because that one gun can be adapted to an infinite variety of sporting, hunting, and use-of-force scenarios by an amateur with a few simple tools.

Why the rifles jammed. a. With a total combat weight per man equivalent to that planned for riflemen armed with the M-14, a squad consisting of from 5-7 men armed with the [AR-15] would have ...

Karl Kasarda – One of the issues with the original AR-15 was that when it got hot, the zero shifted. The answer that people migrated to over time was to make the barrel thicker and heavier. But with the manufacturing capabilities and stress relieving that we have now, a thinner barrel is actually viable.

Some very interesting tidbits on Wikipedia, though: "Caldonia" is a jump blues song, first recorded in 1945 by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. A version by Erskine Hawkins, also in 1945, was described by Billboard magazine as "rock and roll", the first time that phrase was used in print to describe any style of music.

Why did the AK-47 become so popular? MIKHAIL KALASHNIKOV died in December 2013, aged 94. But his 66-year-old invention, the Avtomat Kalashnikova, has plenty more shots left to fire. Developed in ...

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