Why do conservatives refer to science as just opinion?

Cheyenne Nader asked a question: Why do conservatives refer to science as just opinion?
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Can political science be regarded as a science?

  • Political Science is a Science. These arguments clearly show that Political Science cannot be an exact science like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. But it is a social science like Sociology, Psychology and Economics. Science may be broadly defined as ‘a body of systematized knowledge’.


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🔬 What is your opinion about science?

Science is a way of learning about the universe and discovering new things.

🔬 Is science a fact or an opinion?

Science is proven facts not opinions.

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Which choice refer to the science of the earth?


Is everything in science just a theory?
  • What they neglect to mention is that everything in science is just a theory and is never proven. Unlike the Prime Number Theorem, which will absolutely and forever be true, it is still possible, albeit very, very, very, very, very unlikely, that the theory of evolution by natural and sexual selection may one day turn out to be false.
Is psychology science or just common sense?

Psychological findings and research often seem like common sense, but unsurprisingly, psychologists have an answer for that. When people are given the answer to the question, they are more likely to agree with it and contend that they knew it all along (this is called hindsight bias). Consider one group of people who are told that it is indeed true that long-distance romantic relationships work. The likely response is "of course, absence makes the heart grow fonder...this is just common sense." Consider another group of people who are told that long distances weakens romantic relationships. The likely response is "of course; out of sight, out of mind...this is just common sense." (This isn't hypothetical either: this study and hundreds of others like it have been conducted with the same results). Clearly psychology isn't just common sense. The answers psychology provides draws upon the scientific method for answers. Although experiments involving the mind can be extremely tricky and often error-filled, the science behind it is the same as biology. Psychology also involves many different perspectives. If one explanation for a behavior lies with the mechanics of the brain, the research might be entirely in the neuroscience perspective. But no one accuses neuroscience of being common sense.

Why is popular science often shortened to just pop science?
  • Popular science, often shortened to just pop science, is the result of making science accessible to the wider public (or at least accessible to people with non-expert knowledge). There are many books, films, and short television documentaries that fall under this category. It most certainly should not be confused with pseudoscience .
Science and technology a curse or blessing to human lifewhat is your opinion?

Science and technology are a blessing to human life. Without science and technology human life would not move forward or evolve. We would not learn or know anything about medicine or be able to learn new things.

What is sciences opinion on religion?

most think it's fictionMost scientists think religion is something that is outside the realm of science because religion cannot be tested or studied from an unbiased perspective; although science never proves things, it relies on statistics to give the confidence limits that observed phenomena are not based on chance alone.MobiusDick

How do you get just biology in science?

by clicking just biology

Is christianity really just the science of satan?


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How is political science not just an academic discipline?
  • Political science is not merely an academic discipline, and political scientists do not just study the anatomy of politics. Political science is renewed with every political administration and with every major political event and with every political leader.
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With explainations

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Make DNA cells or molocules. Make the brain. Make animals and their habitats. Make the water cycle.

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