Why do i have blobs on my 3d printer?

Arturo Carter asked a question: Why do i have blobs on my 3d printer?
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How to fix blobs while printing using octoprint - 3d printer -marlin updates and cura settings

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  • If the nozzle is too far away from the bed, the bottom surface often shows unwanted lines, and/or the first layer does not stick. If the nozzle is too close, blobs may be the result. Also important: the print bed has to be as clean as possible. Fingerprints on the plate can prevent the first layer from sticking to the plate.


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STL files are just a list of triangles that occupy a 3D space – curves are stored as a series of tangent triangular planes. Smaller triangles give a more accurate interpretation of the curve. So long as the facets are smaller than the printer can actually print, the result is a smooth curve. Technically you are degrading the mesh curvature.

🔬 3d printer blobs pictures?

The best way to fix blobs on 3D printer nozzles is to adjust your retraction, temperature settings, jerk and acceleration settings and implement a fan to regulate …

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The best way to fix blobs or zits on a 3D print is to adjust your print settings such as retraction, coasting, and wiping to give better instructions to your 3D printer to prevent these print imperfections. Another group of key settings relates to the ‘Outer Wall Wipe Distance’ and Resolution settings. This is the basic answer so keep on ...

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Fixing bad 3d prints on a creality ender 3, cr-10 or cr-10 mini

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