Why do i need a light on my ar 15?

Polly Rolfson asked a question: Why do i need a light on my ar 15?
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  • By putting a weapon light on your AR-15 tactical rifle, pistol or shotgun it will help you locate your intended target, and navigate through dark locations at night more safely. The tactical weapon light is a necessary tool to help you become a safer shooter in low light target locating or combat and hunting situations.


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Finally, a weapons light for your AR-15 can be used also if you want to make quick shots at night on a bad guy. It’s way faster than trying to handhold that light or use ambient light…and putting that light in a bad guy’s face does give you an advantage…it absolutely does.

If you have a situation where you need to defend your home and the lives of those residing in it, a light mounted on an AR/M4 type Carbine can be the most useful tool in your box. The weapon is reliable, has excellent retention capability (especially when using a sling), and its moderate penetration & lethality make it the choice of most professionals who must take the fight indoors. Having a ...

No. Do what you want, don't feel pressured by people who tell you what you should or should not add to you AR. Having said that, a weapon light can be a great addition to an AR, especially if you plan to use that AR for home defense. I have one on mine and am looking forward to taking a night class with it.

Since the tail cap of the light is larger than the one inch mount diameter, you need to remove the cap to insert the light. No worries, you have to do this to install the batteries anyway. Note the large and positive mode-selection dial. Not shown is the momentary tail cap button on the back of the light. Mounting to a picatinny rail is a piece of cake. Just make sure the mounting bolt goes ...

A Tactical Light! Let’s be honest, most AR 15 owners are willing to use their firearm to defend their home and their family… And if YOU ever intend on using your firearm for self-defense, you need to put a tactical flashlight on your rifle.

IMO a laser is better suited for a pistol than a rifle. Use a rail mounted optic on a rifle and slap a laser under the barrel on your favorite pistol. Thanks for the info, striking it off my list. In my opinion, if you plan to shoot outdoors, in daytime, its useless, you won't be able to see the red laser.

A high quality set of AR-15 iron sights will give you greater precision than any red dot and many scopes. If you have cash to burn on a cheap scope in the $200 range, realize that the USA-made, world-class set of sights pictured in this article, the Scalarworks PEAK sights, are $239.00 for the set. You can either buy a cheap, easily broken ...

While I may or may not have AR-15 rifles, I do know that based upon my military experience, having a firearm IS critical to one’s survival, no matter where you are. I can think of LOTS of good reasons(as can most of you) for having dual long guns in same caliber for dual purposes. For example, my spouse thinks AR-15 rifles are “too heavy” for her to shoot, however, she does like the ...

6. Do I need any extra component to mount my AR-15? Well this depends on the type of bipod you purchase. With a good AR-15 bipod, chances are that you won't need an adapter or any extra part to stand the bipod. This is why we do not recommend a universal bipod. See Also: Frequently Asked Questions About Ruger 10/12 Bipod

Yes, you can spend a small fortune on optics, but for defensive purposes with the AR-15, the iron sights are all you need. In fact, the most important thing with the AR-15 or any gun for that matter is that you know how to properly operate it without all of the add-ons. If you don’t know the fundamentals, the accessories are pointless.

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