Why would anyone want or need an ar 15 for sale?

Kenton Roob asked a question: Why would anyone want or need an ar 15 for sale?
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🔬 Why would anyone want or need an ar 15?

It is likely that they don’t “need” an AR-15 assault rifle at all. That’s not to say that ownership of an AR-15 or other firearms is purposeless. The AR-15 and other “assault rifles” can provide value to the owner in a variety of ways. In specific circumstances it can be used as the best firearm for protecting life and property.

🔬 Why would anyone want or need an ar 15 meme?

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🔬 Why would anyone want or need an ar 15 pistol?

I need or want an AR 15 because criminals have AR-15 rifles. As long as criminals can get them, I want to defend my family with one. Furthermore, since there are more than 10 million AR15 owned in the United States, it's safe to say I only place myself and my family at a significant disadvantage if I turn mine in.

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Here are 10 reasons to own at least one AR-15 and to become skilled in its use. 1. Being armed is your right and may be your civic duty. On the one hand, for defense against common criminals ...

An AR-15 is also handy for farmers and ranchers to have on hand in remote areas should they run into those who would do ill to them. Fact is, the AR-15-type rifle is the most popular rifle in...

Some common purposes for purchasing an AR-15 include target shooting, hunting, home defense, and competition. See if the company has a satisfying reputation. Look for a great warranty or guarantee to save you from encountering issues in the future. Check your state law to confirm what size magazine is legal.

“A lot of people buy the AR-15 because, well, it’s cool.” Apparently it wasn’t cool enough for Nikel to hold on to. He ended up selling his AR-15 to his father.

A very common reason for a civilian to purchase an AR-15 Modern Sporting Rifle is for personal home defense. Its light weight, fairly short length, excellent accuracy and a a highly effective round, make it a preferred choice. The AR-15 is made by a variety of manufactures with several different models and a wide array of colors.

The AR-15 (also known as the AR15 or AR 15) is America's most popular rifle. The modular AR-15 platform makes it easy to build, customize and configure your gun exactly the way you want it. The AR-15 has proven itself to be reliable, rugged, and accurate, and has been in use by the U.S. military and law enforcement for over 40 years now in various configurations like the M-16 or the M-4.

The AR-15 rifle is America's most popular rifle for good reason. The modular platform makes it easy to configure your gun your way. The AR-15 has proven itself reliable, rugged, and accurate making it a go-to choice for home defense, competitive shooting, and more.

The AR-15 is a weapon that gun owners can brag about owning, but its usefulness in self-protection is questionable at best. 4. The Odds Of An AR-15 Or Any Gun Being Used For Home Defense Are Low ...

Shop Guns.com to find great deals on new and used AR-15 rifles for sale. Popular for tactical training and fun at the range, an AR-15 makes a great addition to any firearm collection.

Two and a half years ago I got my only military-style semiautomatic rifle, after some months of debating with myself if it should be a 5.56 NATO AR-15 platform or a 7.62x39mm AKM or AK-47. I went with the AK and I am very happy with my choice, but it did cost some $$$ to get it where I wanted it. I started out with a Century C39v2 “Zhukov”.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need An AR Pistol #1. Updated Trunk Gun. Plenty of hunters and gun enthusiasts keep a shotgun or rifle as their proverbial trunk gun. The... #2. Reach Out And Touch Someone. Because it’s an AR platform, it’s likely able to have a wide range of optics mounted. #3. Multiple ...

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For that reason, the AR-15 is the primary firearm upon which Americans would rely if they had to fight for freedom today. Here are 10 reasons to own at least one AR-15 and to become skilled in its...

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Why does anyone need an AR-15? Why do over 10 million civilians own AR-15s? Does the constitution give the right to keep and bear firearms? If your answer to the last …

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AR-15 Pistol - Top Reasons to Own We delve deep into AR-15 pistols, what exactly they bring to the table and why you should own one. Today AR-15 pistols are hugely popular not only for recreational shooting, but also hunting and self-protection. There is a myriad of factory guns available to choose from or you can build one yourself.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need An AR Pistol. AR pistols aren’t just a passing fad. With the ability to chamber a multitude of different calibers, AR pistols are portable, lightweight, and versatile in all the ways a gun owner needs in a life-or-death emergency.

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Let me tell you why. On a pistol range, bad things happen quickly. If a shooter has a malfunction and fails to follow the procedures we told him to follow, which is to remain in place with the muzzle of the pistol pointed downrange and raise his non-firing arm for assistance, he can turn his body in an instant. The muzzle of the pistol will go with him and will probably by pointed at the shooter next to him, the nearest NCO or, heaven forbid, me!

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Just a few years ago, I would have rolled my eyes at the idea of having a packable AR-15 pistol tucked into my vehicle—though I have kept a cased AR-15 or Tavor in the truck for years.. More times than I can remember, that rifle came in handy during impromptu range trips—plus the assurance 30 rounds of M855 5.56 can provide when you are stranded at night alongside the road.

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AR-15s Why You Need a Packable AR-15 Pistol for Your Vehicle. By Major Pandemic Published on April 6, 2017 ... Any firearm within a vehicle has a very high potential to be viewed, handled, and checked during any routine traffic stop. It is my belief that most law enforcement folks are tragically uninformed about what is legal when it comes to anything other than a classically-sized rifle or pistol. I have had more than a few LEO folks ask me if my Tavor or an AR-15 pistol was an SBR. Though ...

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My LGS (Gun Gallery) will assemble an AR for you for free. They've put together two uppers and a lower for me in the past for no charge at all. ADCO charges 25 to …

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Why would you want to convert your ar to .22 caliber?

Enter the AR-15 conversion kit and the dedicated AR’s in the .22 platform. Let’s look at the pro’s and cons of both of these systems. For around $200 you can take your current AR and shoot ...

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Why does anyone need to own an ar 15?

That seems like a good reason to own an AR-15. Dianne Feinstein and friends have an idea about “their world” and unfortunately are in powerful enough positions to force people to conform. That also seems like a good reason for owning an AR-15.

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Why would someone need an ar 15?

The reason for someone owing an AR-15 could be the following: Home defense Hunting Target shooting

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