Why would it be better to wear long pants instead of shorts in a science lab?

Maximillia Upton asked a question: Why would it be better to wear long pants instead of shorts in a science lab?
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🔬 Why are they hot pants when they ar shorts?

Hotpants or Hot pants: The term "hot pants" appeared around 1970 as a description for extremely short shorts, made in luxury fabrics such as velvet and silk, emphasising their role as fashion garments rather than practical wear.

🔬 How long ar erunning shorts?

However, length is always a matter of personal preference& so running shorts are sold in a variety of lengths. Starting with the very short 2″ and extending to 7″. So what is the inseam & how is it measured?

🔬 How long ar nikes tempo running shorts?

Perform your best every time in the lightweight Nike Womens Dry Tempo Running Short You can wear these versatile shorts to the court the gym and even for a run It features Nikes signature DriFIT technology to help you stay cool and dry as the days heat up The elastic waistband with inner drawcord ensures a snug personalized fit while the builtin brief lining adds to your comfort and convenience A small key pocket has been added at the inner right waist for your ease Technology DriFITSizes…

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Actually an apron and/ or labcoat would be ideal but yes, pants would be better because there is less skin showing therefore there is less of a chance to get hurt or spill chemicals on your skin!

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Is computer science better now?

no , not yet . and it takes some time to recover. compare to computer science it is best to choose mechanical or civil or chemical

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Is math better than science?

yes, its not

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Is science better than commerce?

commerce is thousand times better than science

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Is science better than religion?

well religion is better because it tells u about culture and stuff like that

Science is not better than religion and religion is not better than science. They are two complementary fields of knowledge. Each one contributes something different to the world. Science gives knowledge of the external physical world and religion gives knowledge of the inner spiritual world. Each field has its own methods of study. Science uses the experimental method, for example. Religion uses practices such as contemplation and meditation. That is why you cannot prove God's existence with science--to study religious things, you must use the methods of religion.

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Why does science lead to better technology and technology lead to better science?

Science discovers more known natural phenomena that engineers can use for the development of new tools, technologies, and technological infrastructure; which then can be used to improve the abilities of science to discover even more natural phenomena.

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Why was science magazine titled science 80 in the year 1879 instead of science 79?

before maths were invented

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Data science vs computer science which is better?

  • Computer Science is completely computing whereas Data Science is data computing. Computer science is evolving with advanced concepts and more efficient and advanced devices are coming. Data is growing fast day by day causing more complex to handle it and maintain efficiently.

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Which is better computer science or information science?

computer science

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Which is better science general or science bifocal?

science bifocal

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Why is computer science better than information science?

it is not better it is no so good at all ........ yet some of it can be helpful but u will never know intill u try but why i said no is because people can put any thing on the internet so just be careful

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How long would it take to complete a bachelor's degree in behavioral science?

4 years

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How would a architect use science?

physics and engineering(both areas of science) are used for making the blueprints and to know what goes where

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How would you define enviornmental science?

Environmental Science is a branch of Biology that is concerned with the relationship between the organisms and their environment.

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What would be logical in science?

anything!anything is possible.

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Would sugar crystals be physical science?

Sugar crystals are physical objects.

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Would fictional science be possible even with real science?

We have fictional science that exists right now, like Creationism. It is possible to live in a world in which fictional science exists, but it will not be accurate.

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What doctor used science instead of magic in ancient greece?

ancient greece who was the doctor who used sciense instead of magic

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How long should you wear vr?

As a VR developer and consultant, my rule of thumb is that I don't want to design a VR session that lasts for more than 20 minutes. Ideally, I like to target 10mn sessions as the ideal amount of time in VR. A session is a subset of the experience that players are encouraged to play without interruption.

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Computer science or computer engineer better?

Neither one is "better" than the other; they are just different. Computer science is more about the theory behind computer programming, while computer engineering is more about creating new physical components for a computer.

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How is art better than science?

In fact introducing art as a way to study science would not only allow students to understand the core of science is creativity, but it will also allow them to better learn scientific concepts and rules. Often times, the ability to visualize and imagine certain processes is important to solving scientific problems.

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Is biology better than physical science?

Why biology is harder than physics. Beginning university students in the sciences usually consider biology to be much easier than physics or chemistry. But in reality biology is much more complex than the physical sciences, and understanding it requires more, not less, brain work.

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Is computer science better than it?

Neither is better than the other. Computer science people and IT people simply do different jobs.

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