Will 75 gr amax fit in ar mag?

Leonie Marvin asked a question: Will 75 gr amax fit in ar mag?
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🔬 Will 75gr or 80gr amax fit in an ar magazine?

Will 75gr or 80gr AMAX fit in an AR magazine? Post by Conqueror » Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:46 pm As per my last thread, I'm still working on this 26" AR build. I'd like to throw heavy pills through it since I ordered a 1:7 barrel, but only if they'll fit and feed in the magazines. I really like Hornady projos, and I just got my first press so I'm looking at components... Does anyone know if the 75gr or 80gr Hornady AMAX bullets can be safely seated deep enough to fit in an AR mag? Thanks. CQ ...

🔬 Is amax still best ar?

Even after its most recent season 4 update, the AMAX is still a highly effective choice for those looking for a long-range or sniper support weapon. The most attractive element of the AMAX, however, is the fact that it has one of the best “time to kill” (TTK) for an automatic assault rifle in Warzone and Cold War.

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I just purchased 200rds of Hornady A-Max bullets to reload and just realized how much longer they are with the tip on them. Will they fit in a AR mag ao dont even bother trying? Im just wondering if they are going to be over the Max. Cart. OAL. Shit, I hope not or im stuck with 200rds. Or I...

Will 75gr or 80gr AMAX fit in an AR magazine? Post by Conqueror » Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:46 pm As per my last thread, I'm still working on this 26" AR build. I'd like to throw heavy pills through it since I ordered a 1:7 barrel, but only if they'll fit and feed in the magazines. I really like Hornady projos, and I just got my first press so I'm ...

Hi everyone.brand new to this site from new zealand.i have just purchased an rra ath.it has not arrived yet but am wanting to do some loading for small deer out to about 300 yards. Am I going to be able to fit a 75 or 80 grain amax into the rra ath magazine.if not does anyone have some...

I've shot plenty of 75 A-Max out of an AR, all the way to 1000 yards. As explained above, it will not fit in a magazine if properly seated. I used 25.5gr of Varget for the trip to 1000 yards in a 24 inch barrel. It was just barely sonic and when it got cold in south Texas, it went subsonic but stayed stable.

Hornady states that the 75gr Amax is to long for a AR if fired from the mag but can be loaded single shot, I think I read that in the Hornady reloading manual. I have a AR with a 1/7 20" Wilson barrel that loves the Hornady 75gr hollow point boattail with 24gr of Reloader 15 in Winchester cases and any small rifle primer.

I'm looking to load 75 gr. AMAX bullets for my .223 Wylde AR rifle . I have modified a couple of mags to accept the longer than normal ( 2.260 ) rounds . They work fine , I'm wondering if the 2.390AMAX will will fit in the mag well and chamber .

The 75 grain Scirocco will not fit in magazine either. Its as long as the berger and the amax. Once you get longer than a 7 caliber Ogive you're officially in bolt gun only territory.

I don't load the 75gr AMAX, as tons of reloaders that have been doing it way longer than I have say that you can't seat them to where they fit in the magazine, so have to single load them. I load the 68gr Hornady BTHP bullets at 2.25 for my longer distance shots.

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