Will a gtx 970 be enough to run vr properly?

Horace McLaughlin asked a question: Will a gtx 970 be enough to run vr properly?
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🔬 Will a 1070 be enough for vr?

a gtx 1070 is going to be fine for most VR games on a Rift or Vive. If you notice issues with frame rates not being stable i suggest worrying about your Cpu instead. something like a I7 7700k for example can struggle more so then you’d think in a VR application.

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As you can see there are wide ranges here, typically the closer that the barrel length is to the middle of the range, the better it will function (example 14” barrel with a carbine length gas system).

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🔬 Will a 780ti be powerful enough for vr?

Will a 780ti be powerful enough for VR? I hear a lot of about requirements of a 970, which isn't as powerful (I think) as a 780ti. But perhaps the 970 has some benefits for VR since it was made partly with VR in mind.

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The fact that most VR games don't even have graphics settings right now is telling. Developers will likely aim to support the 970 with the minimum graphics settings because it was the recommended VR minimum. 1

I am upgrading my entire motherboard setup to play rpcs3 and other cpu intensive games properly and I have a rx560 and a gtx 970 sitting on my shelf … The Rift S has the exact same min. requirements like the CV1. The somewhat higher reso of the Rift S is offset ...

970 is good enough to do VR, however it will dip below 90FPS in some games and you'll enter reprojection, which isn't ideal. If you want to get your feet in VR then by all means go ahead, however a 1070 is far more suited to it. 1

970 is minimum spec, but the mobile M chips are much lower power AND there's significant compatibility issues with them. Basically 2/3 of M chips just plain will not run VR in any capacity. I would not risk it. At least try it at a friend's place or something.

GTX 970 is fine, you just won't be able to supersample as much on more demanding games. 9 level 2

My overclocked GTX 970 is currently not powerful enough to keep 75fps in most of my favorite demos on my DK2 so I'd seriously doubt that it would be good enough for CV1. The Crescent Bay demos are running on single 980s, and those demos are highly controlled and most likely more optimized than any full games we'll see at release.

Vive and Oculus VR devs confirm a GTX 970 will run most games. In May 2015, Oculus announced the recommended system specs for "a great experience"—in other words, what your PC will need to ...

GPU: AMD Radion RX 480, NVIDIA GTX 1060 (or better) RAM: 8GB+ Window 10 or better 1x USB 3.0 Port DisplayPort 1.2 Laptop Requirements for VR If you prefer to use a laptop, you will need to find one that is powerful enough to run your VR system. Here

You’ll need a properly configured network for Oculus Air Link to work reliably. Here’s what to do to ensure the best performance: PC connected to router/access-point via Ethernet cable. Router ...

GPU VR Requirements for Running VR The demands on GPU are particularly high because it has to render two displays to create VR experience, one for each of your eyes. Add to that a much higher render resolution for VR apps and you’ll get the idea why an average graphic processor may not be enough.

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Will my core i5-2500k be enough for vr gaming on the htc vive?

agreed. 2500k is not going to work for Elite Dangerous. I had that proc and played Elite on it with a 970. On a DK2 I had issues and had to drop a lot of setting down to get smooth gameplay all the time. The Vive has a higher resolution and higher refresh.

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1060 6gb enough for vr?

I have the 1060 6GB and haven’t had any problems running every VR game I have played. I even use SS as high as 1.5 on most games. FO4 SuperHot Arizona Sunshine Brookhaven H3VR. I would love to get a 1080 but I can’t justify paying that much for it yet. Hopefully the prices will come down soon. To answer your question, yes it is good enough ...

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I have an i5-6600 and a GTX 1080. I'm wondering if my CPU is going to bottleneck me to the point of needing to upgrade? I'm looking to upgrade to an i5-7600k if anything. Can't really afford an i7 or anything. $450ish here in Canada.

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I7 3770k enough for vr?

I used to have a i7 3770K, not a bad cpu, but you might consider upgrading to a newer one. I have noticed that most VR games are cpu intensive, games like h3vr, gorn, lone echo. But it is doable and stick with the 16gb memory, you need that.

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Is 600w enough for vr?

Prioritize higher quality (eg, gold over bronze) instead of getting higher wattage (assuming 600 Watts is enough for your rig, which it likely is). unless your running a liquid cooling rig I doubt the rift caused that, a 600w should be more than fine, just sounds like bad timing.

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Is 64gb enough for vr?

128 GB Version. On July 27th, Oculus announced that on August 24th, a new 128 GB version of the Oculus Quest 2 would be released. The VR headset is identical to the 64 GB and 256 GB versions in every way except for the hard drive size. The 128 GB version retails for $299 and replaces the original 64 GB headset.

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Is 720p enough for vr?

I need to know the screen resolution first, normally VR requires at least 1080p resolution for Virtual reality or 720p is just fine if you have Amoled screen.

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