Will abnornal baby go breech ar 36 weeks?

Kelsi Dietrich asked a question: Will abnornal baby go breech ar 36 weeks?
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If this is your first baby and they are breech at 36 weeks, the chance of the baby turning itself naturally before you go into labour is about 1 in 8. If you’ve already had a baby and this one is breech at 36 weeks, the chance of them turning naturally is about 1 in 3. If your baby is in a breech position at 36 weeks, your doctor or midwife might suggest you think about an ECV, ...

If your baby is in a breech position at 36 weeks, you'll usually be offered an external cephalic version (ECV). This is when a healthcare professional, such as an obstetrician, tries to turn the baby into a head-down position by applying pressure on your abdomen. It's a safe procedure, although it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Most babies that are breech will naturally turn by about 36 to 37 weeks so that their head is facing downwards in preparation for birth, but sometimes this does not happen. Around three to four babies in every 100 remain breech.

This means that baby is lying head up, with his/her buttock or legs down towards the cervix (neck of womb). Although this is common in early pregnancy, most babies will turn head down (cephalic) by 36-37 weeks of pregnancy. What happens if my baby is still breech at 36 weeks? You have 2 main options:

At 36 weeks, she was breech and the do started talking c-section which just shocked me after the experiences with the other 3. At 37 weeks, she was head down and we all breathed a sign of relief . . . that is, 'til week 38 when she was breech again. The doc told me to come back at 39 weeks and we'd schedule either a c-section or induction for the next day. Lo and behold she was head down again at 39 weeks and stayed that way. She was induced the next day. The doc was sure that she was going ...

Full term is from 37-42 weeks gestation, and about 3-4% of term babies are breech. The medical model of care addresses the breech position between 36-37 weeks, when baby’s survival outside the womb won’t include special nursery care to breathe or suck. Physicians Oxorn and Foote, however, recommend helping babies turn head down at 34 weeks.

If your baby is still breech by week 37, you can try to coax her into a head-first position yourself with these at-home methods. Unfortunately, these aren’t proven to work (only an ECV has scientific backing), but they won’t cause any harm and they’re nearly free, so they’re worth a try:

But if your baby is breech, it means he's poised to come out buttocks or feet first. When labor begins at 37 weeks or later, nearly 97 percent of babies are set to come out headfirst. Most of the rest are breech. (In rare cases, a baby will be sideways in the uterus with his shoulder, back, or arm presenting first – this is called a ...

Dec 27, 2019 at 2:09 PMFTM here and I am 37.5 weeks. The doc just told me that the baby is in breech position and we would try to do ECV which sounds very painful. The doctor first checked the baby’s position on US and then checked my cervix and he said “yup, I can’t feel anything down here 😂 and you’re...

Of course, as in the case of your first baby, everything can still be fine after 36 weeks - and after all, 36 weeks is not a magic number - it can't be the case that once you've gone past it, things automatically start to go wrong. However, personally I wouldn't try for that extra week knowing the risks. Better safe and unable to nurse than the other possibility. Plus, you may very well be able to nurse anyway even if your baby is born at 36 weeks.

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