Will an i7 3770k work with vr?

Arturo Kuhlman asked a question: Will an i7 3770k work with vr?
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🔬 Can you run vr with a i7 3770k?

I used to have a i7 3770K, not a bad cpu, but you might consider upgrading to a newer one. I have noticed that most VR games are cpu intensive, games like h3vr, gorn, lone echo. But it is doable and stick with the 16gb memory, you need that. Oculus rift specs.

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🔬 Can 3770k run vr?

I'm a little confused. The Steam VR tool and Nvidia Gforce Experience both say that my i7 3770 3.4 ghz (8 cores) will be enough to run VR. However the Oculus Rift test says that this cpu falls short of the requirements. Do you all think my computer will be able to run the Rift or am I out of luck? Thanks for any help!

🔬 I7 3770k enough for vr?

I used to have a i7 3770K, not a bad cpu, but you might consider upgrading to a newer one. I have noticed that most VR games are cpu intensive, games like h3vr, gorn, lone echo. But it is doable and stick with the 16gb memory, you need that.

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Check out our review of the i7 3770 and see if we deem it worthy of staying in your gaming PC!Part used;System 1Intel Core i7 377016GB DDR3 RAMAMD Radeon RX4...

The i7-3770 is exactly what I have and it is above the minimum spec for the Vive. I've had no problems at all running all of the current games and demos. Your graphics card will be a deciding factor, but there a re people running games comfortably with lower than minimum spec cards. GTX 970 for me and everything has been great.

This is good to hear. Was looking at the AMD MB and CPU bundles, possibly the FX 8350 bundle, if things weren't looking good on the CPU front. I believe Frontier said the minimum CPU for elite dangerous in VR is actually an i7 3770k, so a little quicker than the standard 3770. 06-23-2016 09:11 AM.

Work perfectly. It worked fine with stock speed (3,6->3,9 AFAIK) and still work even better after OC as I have the "K" version 3770K (4->4,4). Stock speed is far than enough for Oculus. Mainly it's the graphic card card usually the problem. Mine it's the GTX970 and work fine too...

The flagship product, Intel Core i7-3770K is a quad-core processor with 128 KB of L1 cache (4×32 KB), 1 MB of L2 cache (4×256 KB) and 8 MB of L3 cache. The processor operates at 3.5 GHz, which is the identical clock to the succeeding product, Core i7-2700K.

the i7-3770k is a better processor than the i5-4590. would suck though. i7-3770k is the fastest cpu for our socket type, the LGA 1155 besides some whack Xeons. whatever my shit is watercooled. i will make it work or die in a fire.

Check out will Intel Core i7-3770K & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti work without bottleneck issues… Intel Core i7-3770K (Clock speed at 100%) with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti ... Ryzen and Radeon/RTX Inside – 4K and VR ready. Configurations / Rigs Slim ITX Media&Gaming PC build for $1000 – Ryzen and Radeon Inside.

I used to have a i7 3770K, not a bad cpu, but you might consider upgrading to a newer one. I have noticed that most VR games are cpu intensive, games like h3vr, gorn, lone echo. But it is doable and stick with the 16gb memory, you need that. Oculus rift specs.

The charts below illustrate performance of Core i7-3770 and Core i7-3770K processors in several different task types. The numbers for 'Single-threaded performance', 'Multi-threaded performance' and 'Integrated Graphics performance' charts are calculated as an average of several related benchmarks, that you can view in the "Benchmarks" tab. As such, performance in individual benchmarks may be ...

The charts show performance of Core i7-2600K and Core i7-3770K processors in different types of applications. The results in the charts are based on a number of benchmarks, that you can find in the "Benchmarks" tab. Consequentally, the shown results may differ from results, that you may receive in individual tests.

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Microsoft sets Windows 10 PC requirements for tethered VR headsets Microsoft's minimum requirements for VR headsets will go up with its Creator's Update next year

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