Will an rx 460 be enough for vr?

Boris Haag asked a question: Will an rx 460 be enough for vr?
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🔬 Will a 1070 be enough for vr?

a gtx 1070 is going to be fine for most VR games on a Rift or Vive. If you notice issues with frame rates not being stable i suggest worrying about your Cpu instead. something like a I7 7700k for example can struggle more so then you’d think in a VR application.

🔬 Will a 780ti be powerful enough for vr?

Will a 780ti be powerful enough for VR? I hear a lot of about requirements of a 970, which isn't as powerful (I think) as a 780ti. But perhaps the 970 has some benefits for VR since it was made partly with VR in mind.

🔬 Will a gtx 1060 3gb be enough for vr?

I ran VR for over a year on a 1060. I didn't notice any problems. I recently was able to upgrade to a 1080ti and fallout definitely works better and I am able to super sample at a higher rate, but for the most part a 1060 is great for VR. If I had no gpu, I'd jump on a $200 1060 for sure.

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The RX 480 is at the minimum, the RX 460 is not going to perform the same as an RX 480 and hence there is no chance that it will be acceptable for VR. Reply Anonymous on July 21, 2016 at 5:52 pm

We currently benchmark fifteen VR games using the Vive Pro. BTR’s testing platform is an overclocked Intel Core i9-10900K, an EVGA Z490 FTW motherboard, and 32 GB of Vulcan Dark Z DDR4 at 3600MHz on a clean install of Windows 10 64-bit Pro Edition using NVIDIA’s GeForce Game Ready Driver, 460.89, and AMD’s Adrenalin Software 20.12.2 drivers for the Red Devil RX 6900 XT.

That said, I don't think you would get enough of a gain from a modest overclock to make much of a difference. 30 FPS really isn't good enough for VR games. You can get by with it if you have ...

The HTC Vive requires a minimum of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290, and the Oculus Rift supports cards that rank as low as the GTX 960/GTX 1050 Ti from Nvidia or the RX 470 from AMD ...

Both state the RX 460 is A-okay. However on the Microsoft website: ... Before VR i wasnt playing much else than League of Legends, i never needed a strong GPU. But now that i tasted VR since 1 month, im waiting for a 2080. I personally wouldnt consider VR below RX470 . level 1. 2 points · 1 year ago. Mildly off topic: what is mixed reality ultra? level 2. 3 points · 1 year ago. 90 FPS VR ...

Two RX 460s are able to score a graphics score of 13296 which is enough to land it the minimum VR spec by the way. Radeon RX 460 2x CrossFire Benchmark @ 3DMark 11: 13296 Graphics Score, 11709 P-Score

On 9/30/2018 at 8:50 AM, GoldenLag said: An RX 580 8GB is often cheaper than an gtx 1060 6GB and performs the same. Also dont buy the gtx 1060 3GB as its slower than the 6GB and will be starved for memmory in VR. Yes, In 2018 we should buy a graphics card which at least has 4GB VRAM.

The Radeon RX 460 4GB can play most modern games at medium graphics selection on a 1600p screen res and expect around 45+FPS. Radeon RX 460 4GB is best suited for resolutions up to and including ...

The Radeon RX 480 by AMD is the world's most affordable VR-Ready graphics card with a SteamVR benchmark score of 6.8 and $199 MSRP.

The only one available is a Sapphire RX 460 and it is $170 on Amazon (it's also on Newegg but is sold out). So the RX 460 is being priced what the RX 470 was supposed to be. And the RX 470 is ...

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Is 600w enough for vr?

Prioritize higher quality (eg, gold over bronze) instead of getting higher wattage (assuming 600 Watts is enough for your rig, which it likely is). unless your running a liquid cooling rig I doubt the rift caused that, a 600w should be more than fine, just sounds like bad timing.

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Is 64gb enough for vr?

128 GB Version. On July 27th, Oculus announced that on August 24th, a new 128 GB version of the Oculus Quest 2 would be released. The VR headset is identical to the 64 GB and 256 GB versions in every way except for the hard drive size. The 128 GB version retails for $299 and replaces the original 64 GB headset.

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Is 720p enough for vr?

I need to know the screen resolution first, normally VR requires at least 1080p resolution for Virtual reality or 720p is just fine if you have Amoled screen.

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Is 90hz enough for vr?

90hz is good enough if facebook was able to sell the quest 1 at 72hz. The 120hz+ is nice though, it's personal preference. 14 level 1

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Rtx 2060 enough for vr?

This. A 1070 is about the sweet spot for VR in that it shouldn't struggle with anything at standard settings and can get fairly good supersampling on most games without dips. A 2060 should be roughly equivalent raw power wise and has the advantage of the RTX instruction set for those games that will make use of it (plenty will in the next 12-18 months and it is going to be a big factor in ...

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As the 1080Ti is considered a high-end GPU for dedicated enthusiasts, we wanted to really get to grips with the benefits such extreme performance could provide VR gamers.

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Enough power to run computer + vr?

So i have recently upgraded my computer in order to be able to run VR, but i am worried about my PSU Wattage not being sufficient enough. any input please? note that ive ran my computer with everything but the vr at this point, and it works perfectly fine. Specs: CPU: Intel Core I7-6700k 4ghz GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 FTW2

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Gtx 1050ti good enough for vr?

The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is a midsize graphics card by NVIDIA, established in October 2016. Constructed on the 14 nm process and dependent on the GP107 graphics chip …

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Gtx 1060 6gb enough for vr?

If I'm totally honest. VR is constantly evolving and by the time VR is mainstream (if it ever gets there) we'll need a lot better hardware. Today the recommended specs are RX 480 or GTX 1060 6GB (1060 3GB isn't VR ready according to SteamVR).

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I7-4790 + gpu enough for vr?

Your GPU will not cut it in VR for racing. Need a good 2070 at least. Your CPU will be ok. T Tom_Hampton 10RPM May 13, 2020 19 24 51 Yesterday at 18:03 #23 You got voted out without any collisions? Usually, in that case ...

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I7 6700hq good enough for vr?

MSI GT62VR Laptop // i7-6700HQ & GTX1070 & 16GB RAM// Studying Software Information Technology at Hungary.

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Is 1060 good enough for vr?

cercata. Rift 1 year ago. I wouldn't recommend the 1060 to someone who is buying a card now, but if you have one, and you want to jump in VR, it's ok, i have been with a GTX 1060 6GB on VR for 2 years ... It was the min specs when Rift/VIVE launched 3 years ago ... so soon the min specs I guess will be higher.

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Is 1070 good enough for vr?

The minimum graphic card for the rift is the 960 or the 290, and the recommended is the 970/1060. So the 1070 is more than enough to play everything. yep, have one in my laptop, its a beast and good in VR. Most definitely, I have a 1060 and it runs everything very well and quite a few VR games on max settings.

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Is 16gb ram enough for vr?

Keep it open and let it chart for a bit while you play VR games. That being said, 16GB is almost certainly enough. What is a good amount of RAM for VR? I want to play (VR) games If you occasionally game and play simple games, 8GB RAM will be plenty. If you want to play VR games or the latest high-end games, you need at least 16GB RAM.

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Is 40 fps enough for vr?

When you experience VR with less than 90fps, or less than the target frame rate that makes it indistinguishable from the real world, a lot of visual artefacts happen. For example movements will become chopped. A ball moving in space will show a ghost trace or your physic system will behave in an unexpected fashion.

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